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What is website design

The creation of websites and applications is the core of today’s Internet activities.

Hence, focusing on technology career development including understanding the basics of creating websites is at the top of the list of topics to be familiarized with.

No matter how simple or complex a website is, it does not go beyond 4 main steps:

  1. Website Planning
  2. Website Design
  3. Website Development
  4. Website Hosting

Our talk is about what the website design is and how its functionality affects the success of the website and achieving the purpose for which it was established.

What is website design meaning?

What is website design This term refers to the way a website appears on the Internet. The effect of website design is to give a unique and good user experience that drives them to visit the site frequently, stay for as long as possible, and take the targeted action.

Initially, website design was limited to designing websites that display on desktop browsers. Beginning in 2010, the design concept expanded to include the ability to display websites on mobile and tablet browsers.

The design of the website means the look and layout of the website, and may also extend to the content.

The appearance of the site includes the colors used, font, images, and videos. As for planning, it means how information appears on the pages of the site, its coordination, and tabulation.

The overall goal of website design is to make the use of the website easy, smooth, and aesthetically appealing. In addition to its consistency with the brand. Therefore, the layout and navigation of all pages must be unified in the same style, and without change. Because this gives the reader familiarity with the design, no matter how the articles change and diversify. The design must also be responsive to different screen sizes, so that text is easy to read on different screen sizes and devices.

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E-commerce Websites

E-commerce sites are concerned with online shopping, enabling visitors and users to view products and make purchases.

The website design for this type of site should be concerned with how the products are displayed, and the information about each of them is clarified, in addition to giving the visitor the full ability to search among the multiple products presented on the site, and the ability to filter them, until he reaches the product he wants in a short time.

The design of such sites should take into account the ability to easily update inventory and add new products while providing an integrated and interconnected system including features of inventory control, logistics, and sales.

Portfolio websites

This type of website is intended for creative people such as musicians, writers, craftsmen, furniture makers, and others for the purpose of displaying their work.

When designing such sites, you should focus on categories and categorization to display the works so that the most prominent works in each category are shown rather than all the works. Designing such websites is an opportunity to show creativity and excellence and add exciting features.

Landing pages

These are pages designed specifically for the visitor to take a specific action (CTA), and they are directly related to a marketing campaign.

When designing the landing page, it should be limited in content, but in a focused way, taking into account leaving more white space on the page so that it does not look like it is stacked.

The rest of the items that are not related to the ad campaign or anything that goes against the purpose of creating the ad campaign is placed on other pages.

Social media pages

There are more than 2 billion users of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there is an unmissable opportunity to benefit from the presence of such a huge number on social networking sites, by creating a page for you on the site.

You should incorporate some of your official website design into your social media page, whether it’s choosing colors or the way the content is presented.

It is always a good idea to add lots of photos and videos so that you focus on getting the same message across to your target audience.

Roles of website design in business success

Whatever type of website needs design, we must point out the role of website design in business success.

Determine the audience’s initial impression

The website helps the visitor to make an initial impression regarding the business. If the website design is attractive and easy to use, this encourages the visitor to return to the site and increases public trust and loyalty. But if the website design looks old and unattractive, this gives a negative impression to the audience and makes them lose confidence in dealing with you.

Enhance your SEO strategy

A good website design helps search engines index quickly to find your site, and thus, the site appears in advanced ranks in the search engine results pages, in addition to taking care of the content in terms of quality, wording, and investigation of targeted keywords.

Indicate the level of customer service quality

Taking care of the design gives the visitor the impression of importance. Because the interest in the site and its attractive design means that the company will take care of it as much as it cares about the design of the site and how it appears to the public.

A good website design can be seen as a customer service representative who greets them with a friendly and welcoming smile and is very willing to help.

The competition

The design element should not be overlooked for the important reason that competing websites are interested in it.

If you don’t pay enough attention to the design of your website, and how it looks, your site will look outdated and sluggish, causing visitors and customers to leave you and go to your competition.

A good investment in website design gives you a chance to stand out from your competitors even if you provide the same service, at the same price.

The most popular type of website

At first, websites were limited to text sites owned by government agencies and public institutions. However, the expansion of the Internet provided the opportunity for the emergence of different types of websites. Among the most common are:

1- Corporate website

  • It means the official website of the commercial establishment and the official representative of its brand. This type of website has multiple uses. It is the most appropriate means of communicating with customers, and a source of credibility and reliability, especially if the website is well designed.
  • On the other hand, the company’s official website is a good way if the company wants to make overseas purchases.
  • The design of a website of this type must take into account the integration with the company’s mission and directions. Also, attention must be paid to providing good and renewable content regarding offers and newly arrived products, and this includes their specifications, prices, and all information related to them. learn more about corporate websites.

2- Online store Website

  • This type of website combines the concepts of both a physical store and an interactive website.
  • As is customary, customers enter the shop to review the goods offered in it, choose from among them, and then complete the purchase by paying the value due.
  • The online store website does the same thing, but in the form of a website, where merchandise and products are displayed in the form of pictures and information about the product, in addition to its price, and any other offers provided by the store.
  • Also, the user is allowed to collect his choices of products in the so-called shopping cart and then move to the final step to complete the purchase process, by paying the value due.
  • In this type of site, a good and attractive design for customers must be taken into account, and all information about each product must be clarified, in addition to providing a number of services that facilitate the purchase process, such as providing more than one means of payment, in addition to providing a delivery service with the possibility of paying the value in cash upon receipt, Learn more about Online store website.

3- Medical website

  • Medical websites are sites with content specialized in human health, providing extensive information and general and specialized advice regarding public health.
  • The specialized nature of these sites requires the designer to design a specific style of the website. The content must be carefully taken care of, in addition to including the possibility of direct chatting with doctors.
  • The user can benefit from the medical site by subscribing to the site’s mailing list and then receives all-new in the form of notifications. The mobile application can also be designed to be linked to the main website, with the utmost ease of use in mind, Learn more about the medical website.

4- Real estate website

  • Real estate websites aim to connect buyers with sellers who are offering their properties for sale or rent.
  • Although these sites are somewhat similar to online stores, the nature of the target customers is distinguished, as these sites attract ordinary people as well as real estate brokers and mortgage specialists.
  • It may be useful to include an email list subscription service when designing the site, paying attention to the usual marketing methods such as mail ads, advertising on social media, and designing targeted marketing campaigns, Learn more about real estate websites design.

5- Law firm website

  • If the Internet is a treasure trove of information, legal information is one of the most important concerns of users.
  • It is good for all legal establishments to establish a presence on the Internet through a website concerned with providing legal information to visitors and users.
  • Website design for legal firms should take into account the functional aspect, meaning that the interactive parts of the website should be taken care of. This includes easy navigation, no need to scroll a lot, a clear map of the site, and the inclusion of a search bar on the various pages of the site, Learn more about the Law firm website.

6- News website

  • News websites can be thought of as the digital version of print newspapers.
  • The difference, however, is that the news that can be obtained from news sites is always up-to-date, new, and contains various types of media, including videos, still images, and audio clips, Learn more about the News website design.

7- Educational website

  • Educational websites are those websites that target students to serve as an effective complement to their educational stages.
  • If we take into account that visitors to educational sites are of young and early age groups, we expect that these sites contain games, videos, and videos, to represent an attraction for students and tools that enhance the educational process.
  • In such sites, great care should always be taken with the content, as the content should be appropriate for the age group of the student. If the content is below the student’s level or separate from the teaching curriculum in the classroom, this may be a distraction factor for the student, and it is a negative impact caused by inappropriate content, Learn more about educational websites design.

8- Sports websites

  • Sports sites are similar to news sites in their design, except that the content here is different. As everything on the site is related to sports of all kinds.
  • The site includes updated sports news, moment by moment, including team news, updated results for the standings of teams in local and international league competitions, players’ trading news.
  • It is very important in designing a sports news website that it enables visitors to interact with each other through comments and interactions. This would create a sports community that could attract more traffic and, therefore, generate a lot of money for its owners.
  • Conducting an advertising campaign for the sports website, especially if it coincides with the date of one of the matches that are not broadcast on free channels, can easily attract many sports fans to follow the match, and thus achieve a huge number of visits in a short time, Learn more about Sports website design.

9- Tourism website

  • This type of site attracts travel enthusiasts, those looking for inspiration, and those who are passionate about visiting tourist places, especially exotic ones.
  • The tourism industry is growing all over the world, and each region has its own unique personality and charm.
  • Tourist websites introduce the visitor to different parts of the world and the most important places to spend holidays.
  • The site may also contain a blog in which visitors can post their experiences and comments, as well as videos or still photos of the places they have visited, Learn more about tourism website design.

10- Restaurant website

  • It is a website owned by a restaurant. Usually, the site serves the visitors who live in the same city, who are the people of the city, or the visitors who are tourists.
  • The website of the restaurant is one of the most important means of advertising and spreading, as it displays on its page pictures of the most delicious dishes and meals it serves, or videos of the events that take place there.
  • The website can also display pictures of the restaurant hall, highlighting its beauty and well-organized layout.
  • The website’s content has an effective role in the website’s function in spreading the restaurant and attracting the largest number of visitors to it, Learn more about restaurant website design.

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