Mobile app design
Mobile application development or Mobile app design is an important and essential part of the website, and in order to activate the site well, there must be an application that displays the details of the site, and makes it easy for users to access and identify it through mobile phones. This magical means of reaching
Online store application

Online store mobile app design

The great technological progress has made Online store mobile app design, one of the indispensable tools. And it serves commercial activity in a large way, and through it, popularity and huge profits are achieved. Benefits of designing an online store app for your business Having a good Online store mobile app design helps you effectively
One of our most important success stories is the partnership with “Oxygen“, the goal was to have our client online professionally and compete strongly. Success is not the result of chance, success is a quest for those who want to achieve it, and we in Tech Village always strive to achieve it, and because it
Restaurant website design

Restaurant website design

Few independent restaurant website designs look great. But They are never updated and always have many flaws. Unlike independent restaurants, chain restaurants always seem to have good restaurant website designs. Many restaurant website designs run on platforms such as Happy Tables and Restaurant Engine. Both providers produce good-looking template websites. However, many restaurant website designs
real estate Website design
In 2020, 69% of real estate companies have a website. With the current pandemic, more and more real estate owners are turning to the Internet.  To be able to build a real estate website becomes an effective factor in the market. Undoubtedly, the real estate industry has always been an attractive area for the implementation
Tourism Web Design

Tourism website design

Tourism websites rely on their designs, images and vivid text to convert visitors into customers. but the overall Tourism website design and user experience of travel websites are usually the crucial factors for customers. A well-designed website will enhance the trust of visitors and is directly related to the credibility of your website. People will
Web hosting in Egypt is one of the things that many business owners are interested in who want to start their business on the Internet, and it is one of the most important things that must be obtained when creating your website or online store. When you use the right web hosting provider, you can
With the presence of the modern technological boom, the presence of a website has become necessary because it serves as a front for your business, and with the fierce competition, there are many web design companies in Egypt. Website design service in Egypt It is imperative that your first step for your business is to
Egypt is always one of the countries that are interested in implementing advanced global developments, including the Advanced Cargo Information system. It’s a new customs system that makes shipment data and documents available at least two days before the shipment so that the concerned authorities can take all measures and monitor any danger to Egypt
E-commerce in Egypt occupies a very great position and has been able to reach a position and prospects that are very far, contrary to what was expected, helped by the spread of electronic devices and the Internet greatly. It has been proven in some studies that Internet users in Egypt exceed 57% of its population,