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Today’s world of marketing has become vaster and more technologically advanced than ever before, an important reason you need the services of our Mobile Apps Development company In Egypt professionals. If you are not including a mobile marketing plan in your advertising campaigns, you could be missing out on a lot of exposure. The less your business is exposed to the world, the weaker your influence within your industry could be. 

Why Mobile Apps May Become Important Than Your Website !

  • We are spending more time online than with any other media.
  • We are spending much of that digital time in mobile devices.
  • Most of that mobile time is spent in apps.

What we offer?

When you think of mobile app development, for your business, going with a professional mobile app development company would be the best decision to make. Smart phones are the 24-hour companion of the modern cultured person. One billion smart phones are there now, which will gradually increase. This gives a great opportunity to the businesses as smart phone apps give them facility to communicate with their customers without the constraints of space and time. 

Native Mobile App Development

Product companies have a clear inclination towards native app development to deliver the best device fidelity, user experience and hardware specific features.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions, being the most disruptive technological innovation today, setting mobile driven processes and aligning workforce in effective way.

Mobile App Monetization

With $70 billion app related revenues expected by 2017, freemium apps leading the stock but in-app advertising is taking monetization to next level.

Cross Platform Mobile App development

Enterprise-to-consumer apps are fueling demand of cross platform app development to rapidly develop and deploy mobile apps on several mobile platforms.

Mobile App Strategy

Mobile app strategy begins with the idea of interaction. The ultimate goal is to build the app that provides customers with exactly, what they want.

Best User Experience

User experience is way more than the way, app looks in terms of user interfaces. Its about providing "WOW" feeling to users, while they navigate.

Why Mobile Application is important?

With web-based applications, users access the system via a uniform environment—the web browser. While the user interaction with the application needs to be thoroughly tested on different web browsers, the application itself needs only be developed for a single operating system. There’s no need to develop and test it on all possible operating system versions and configurations. This makes development and troubleshooting much easier, and for web applications that use a Flash front end, testing and troubleshooting are even easier.

Unlike traditional applications, web systems are accessible anytime, anywhere, via a PC with an Internet connection, putting the user in charge of where and when they access the application.

The user interface of web-based applications is easier to customize than it is in desktop applications. This makes it easier to update the look and feel of the application or to customize the presentation of information to different user groups.
In addition to customizing content for user groups, content can also be customized for presentation on any device connected to the internet, including mobile, smart phones, etc. further extending the user’s ability to receive and interact with information.
Installation and maintenance becomes less complicated. Once a new version or upgrade is installed on the host server, all users can access it straight away. There is no need to upgrade each client PC. Rolling out new software can be accomplished more easily, requiring only that users have up-to-date browsers and plugins. And as the upgrades are only performed by an experienced professional to a single server, the results are more predictable and reliable.

Any of three core technologies can be used for building web-based applications, depending on the requirements of the application. The Java-based solutions (J2EE) from Sun Microsystems involve technologies such as JSP and Servlets. The newer Microsoft .NET platform uses Active Server Pages, SQL Server and .NET scripting languages. The third option is the Open Source platform (predominantly PHP and MySQL), which is best suited to smaller websites and lower budget applications.

Web-based applications are typically deployed on dedicated servers, which are monitored and maintained by experienced server administrators. This is far more effective than monitoring hundreds or even thousands of client computers, as is the case with new desktop applications.