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7 Benefits of Online store mobile app design

Online store mobile app design

The great technological progress has made Online store mobile app design, one of the indispensable tools. And it serves commercial activity in a large way, and through it, popularity and huge profits are achieved.

Benefits of designing an online store app for your business

  1. Having a good Online store mobile app design helps you effectively to develop your company, whether it is large or not.
  2. A good application explains your brand and makes the user associated with it.
  3. The good application explains the details of the products, with illustrations and specifications, which encourages the user to purchase.
  4. Attractive Online store mobile app design is an effective way to bring more visits to your online store, thus making more profits.
  5. Designing a successful application for your online store will give you superiority over competitors.
  6. The application achieves direct communication between you and customers by receiving notifications, which means quick success and more profits.
  7. Analysis of the behaviour of customers and competitors conducted by the application achieves greater access and interaction with customers.

How to obtain a successful Online store app ؟

In order to achieve the desired success of the Online store mobile app design, the following conditions must be met:

  • The application should be compatible with all operating systems, allowing the expansion of the customer and user base.
  • The cost must be appropriate, and the implementation is completed in a short time.
  • It should be integrated, small in size, and easy to download and install.
  • The interface should be easy and attractive to use.
  • It should include several sections commensurate with the type of activity.
  • It should be flexible and allow updates and modifications.
  • The application should be linked to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to ensure more spread and interaction.
  • It should include a section to survey customers’ opinions on products and to use those opinions in developing the application.
  • Offers, coupons, and discounts are provided through the application, and the notifications feature is activated.
  • Availability of multiple payment methods to facilitate customers, including the option of payment upon receipt.
  • Saving the time and effort of users and customers, by making products available to them through the application, without the need to go to the markets.
  • By studying the behaviour of users, the application can provide products that suit their needs.

Why should you have a good Online store mobile app design for your business?

  • It has already been proven that purchases through mobile applications are increasing and make profits that far exceed the profits achieved by e-commerce sites that do not have applications with great design.
  • In addition, e-store applications are one of the best marketing tools and achieve communication between stores and customers, as they receive notifications of new products and discount coupons directly on their phones, thus increasing sales.
  • The application has all the conditions that support the provision of the best services, by choosing a development company with experience in designing applications, and strong business history.

Characteristics and advantages of a great Online store mobile app design

  • Obtaining distinct designs.
  • Providing the electronic payment feature.
  • Provide a safety factor and save customer data.
  • Providing a shopping cart in which products are stored until the purchases are completed.
  • Activate the notifications so that the information reaches the users first hand.
  • Compatibility with all operating systems, whether Android or IOS
  • An easy-to-use and attractive interface.
  • Multiple classifications to include the smallest details of interest to customers.
  • Customize a smart search window that helps the user to quickly access his products.
  • Providing many products that allow customers to choose the right one.
  • The application provides a clear study and reports on purchases and the behaviour of users and competitors.
  • The application should support several languages ​​in order to achieve the spread of multiple segments of users.
  • The application is designed in a professional manner in order to achieve all its objectives.
  • Continuous updating of the application, avoiding defects mentioned by customers and improving performance.
  • Uploading the application to online stores, Google Play, and App Store, and linking it to social media for further spread.
  • Activating the feature of inviting friends, while providing encouraging advantages to do that.

Steps to design the application within the Google Play Store

1- Subscribe to Google Play Developer

This step requires that you have an account with an electronic bank with $25 costs for opening an account in the store.

Select the Google email that the application will be linked to.

Agree to the terms of use.

Enter the details of paying the amount of $25 online.

Specify the developer’s name, date, phone number, and e-mail.

2 – Buy online store application codes

Purchase application codes that enable you to make the necessary modifications to the application by the developer who has been contracted, obtain modification rights, and use those codes to obtain advertising revenue.

3 – Make the necessary modifications to the application

You must make sure that the application is unique, and not similar to any other application. Therefore, the necessary modifications must be made so that your application is not subject to suspension due to the similarity between its design and the design of any other application entered on the Store.

4 – Upload applications to the Store

Now the application is ready to be displayed in the store. Write some information and specifications of the application, and add technical information related to the application. This information is of interest to users to see, with the addition of some images from within the application.

5 – Application Marketing

Marketing the application is the final stage, and the most important, and it must be carried out by a team of professionals so that the largest number of users get to know the application, and they begin to identify, download and use the application, so great profits are achieved in a short time. This is done through targeted advertising campaigns on social media.

How do you determine the costs of Online store mobile app design?

Factors that help you determine the costs of setting up and designing an online store:

1 – Determine the type of store application required.

You have to select the appropriate type of application for the store, whether it is a small emerging store or a large store. And determine its compatibility with different operating systems Android and iPhone.

2 – Determine the hosting

You have to buy suitable hosting, associate it with a fixed address that you can access, and note the variety of types of hosting and their prices according to the features they offer you.

3 – The e-store application programming system

Store programming is one of the factors on which the price of the online store application depends. Each type of programming has a different price of its own. PHP programming is different from HTML programming.

4 – Defining the sections of the online store application

Defining the sections of the online store application from the beginning saves you a lot of expenses while making modifications after the complete completion of the design causes more additional costs.

5 – the periodic maintenance of the online store application

The Store application needs periodic maintenance and ongoing technical support, which may include design modifications or application renewals.

6 – Marketing for the e-store application

What is meant is the advertising budget carried out by specialized companies, in order to introduce the application and the store, and thus increase visits and sales on the store.

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