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what is the best design for a website

what is the best design for a website

Before knowing what is the best design for a website, we must first familiarize with the term web design. As web design is the process of assembling elements and planning multimedia contents.

Using several languages and programs to produce a design suitable for display, On Internet browsers in a correct and easy-to-use manner for pioneers.

Thus, the site has fulfilled the purpose for which it was established, as each site needs to hosting websites in order to put the website data in a protected and secure storage space to protect your data from theft by Internet piracy.

In the following, we will highlight the steps of designing websites, in addition to that, we will learn about what is the best design for a website.

what is the best design for a website

In order to understand what is the best design for a website, you must know that the website creation process goes through several successive stages to reach the final form.

Starting with the stage of designing user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX), then the stages of development and programming, and ending with the stages of testing and publishing.

From the foregoing, we conclude that website design; A stage of the site building process that includes everything related to the appearance of the site such as colors, fonts, layouts, pictures, graphics, etc.

Planning the functional part of each part of the site, researching and testing the effectiveness of elements, discovering design problems and constantly providing solutions to them in order to display the contents of the site in an ideal way.

Design your website

What does website design include?

Any site on the Internet consists of three basic elements (the name and address of the site – the server on which the site files are placed – the files of the site itself that are displayed to the user).

The process of what is the best design for a website requires dealing with these three elements because they complement each other so that the website appears on the Internet in the end.

9 Guidelines & Best Practices for Exceptional Web Design and Usability

To ensure a successful and what the best design for a website that visitors love, follow these tips, and It is worth noting that we follow these instructions in tech village:

1- Create a visual hierarchy

The expression visual hierarchy for creating a website means the way visual elements are arranged, their size, colors, and contrast.

Where this sequence determines their relative position and the order of their vision by the human eye.

Website designers use a visual hierarchy to direct visitors’ attention to the important elements of a page before others. This sequence includes the following elements:

  • The location of the item (top or bottom of the page).
  • Size (big or small).
  • Visual elements (photos, videos, icons).
  • Contrast (colors and white spaces).

2- Choose your homepage title smartly

And not just the homepage. When creating a website, each page must include an appropriate headline. And This is what is meant by what the best design for a website.

Your headline will be one of two things: it’s either clear or not. And in the event that it is not expressive and clear, you may fail to answer the first and most important question of the site visitor: “Are you in the right place?”

3- Don’t cram everything at the top of the page

It is true that your site visitors may spend more time at the top of your page.

But that does not necessarily mean that they are ready to take a specific action (purchase a product or service, register on the site…etc), This step is also one of the ways to implement the best website design.

4- Make it a page long!

More linear space on your site means more answers to your visitors’ questions, problems and inquiries.

In the event that the visitor does not find an appropriate answer to an important question for him, he will simply continue to scroll down, and as soon as he finds what he is looking for, he will stop reading and may leave the site.

Therefore, observing this step is very important, especially if you are looking for what the best design for a website.

5- Keep it simple

“I love clean modern designs!” This is what most website visitors say about the look and feel of the websites they visit. They often cite Apple’s website as an example of a neat website.

6- When creating a website… don’t think too much outside the box!

The same study conducted by Google showed that websites with a high level of standard design (generally commonly used designs) are considered more beautiful than others.

7- Beware of false bottoms

Modern websites are built in separate blocks or blocks, which are rows of content with an image on one side and text on the other, all moving as one column down and up.

8- Avoid submenus and tabs

An important tip when designing websites is not to hide important information and pages behind expandable submenus and tabs.

9- Use pictures of people more

Portraits of people are generally more powerful than any other type of image.

Therefore, using pictures of real people in website design is highly impactful and highly effective. It is also a necessary step for what the best design for a website.

10 Principles Of Good Website Design And Effective

There are some criteria that are taken into account during the process of creating and designing a website, which help you to identify what is the best design for a website, and among these criteria:

  • Determine the age groups that follow the site.
  • Allow visitors to express their opinions.
  • Determine the purpose of the site and what it aims to own a website, as there must be a clear and specific goal for the site.
  • Paying attention to the content of the site so that it is meaningful content that can help customers.
  • Avoid changing colors and make sure to use clear colors that make the customer able to read.
  • Coordinating the sizes and shapes of the letters in the text and making them suitable with the site.
  • The site must be arranged so that information is placed on it in an organized manner that benefits customers.
  • Designing web pages in a homogeneous and similar manner to make it easier to distinguish the site from any other site.
  • Considering the lightness of the site, it must be fast and easy to download.
  • Be sure to clarify the title of the page and put it in a clear position with a distinct font and colors.
  • Therefore, you should consider these steps as a website designer, especially if you are looking for what is the best design for a website.

What are the 3 types of web design?

Before you get to know what is the best design for a website, here are three types of website design:

1- Static websites

They are the websites in which data about the work is presented, whatever it is, without allowing customers to interact with it or change and enter data in it.

And the only one who is able to make changes in it is the owner of the website as well as the programmer who manages the content in it.

2- Dynamic Web Design

Dynamic web design involves creating websites that utilize server-side processing and scripting languages, such as PHP, Python, or JavaScript, to generate web pages on the fly.

3- Responsive websites

They are the websites that customers interact with and make changes and interactions in.

One of the most popular types of websites is social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Therefore, if you are looking for what is the best design for a website, you can view this list and review the types of designs well.

Design your website


The website design process is based on the use and employment of different programming languages to obtain a user interface commensurate with the required data.

In addition to that, the website design depends on certain foundations that must be taken into account and viewed before starting the implementation process.

And on the contrary if you are looking to know what is the best design for a website, you must first know the three types of designs and choose from them.


What makes a website attractive?

The design of the site or the final look of the site is the biggest factor that attracts visitors, so apply the steps we mentioned above to get the best design.

What makes a website popular?

The visitor is usually interested in obtaining globalization well and quickly from any site, so visitors prefer sites that are interested in coordinating the information and in a better way of displaying it.

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