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Attractive & Responsive Website Design

Tech Village Egypt is one of the best website design companies in Egypt due to the presence of a team of design experts, we are designing a unique website that works to prove the presence of your brand between competitors, which in turn, will play a major role in attracting more targeted customers. 

Tech Village has a team of web developers with experience in web design based on the latest programming languages ​​and design software to finally get a professionally designed and high-quality website.

We design sites that are appropriate to the nature of the product or service, because the requirements differ from customer to another, as our main goal is to help your business grow and achieve successful investments due to the role of good design in attracting visitors and the success of your business.

Tech Village is a complete web design agency that create a professional web design solution.

We design and develop the website according to the client’s needs and requirements. We work on all types of industries whether it is for making a website design for products or services.

Website design features of Tech Village

As a professional web design company in Egypt the first step in designing a successful website is to gather information. Many things need to be taken into consideration when we design the look and feel of your site, so we first ask a lot of questions to help us understand your business and your needs in a website design. 

Our Services

Web design features of Tech Village Egypt

Attractive Website Design

Attractive and easy-to-use website design that in turn has a major role in attracting more visitors to your website and increasing investment over time.

Google Roles

Follow Google's design algorithms and policies to obtain a website compatible with all types of devices and screens.


Design a website and add a good content that matches the SEO standards to improve its visibility in search engine results.

Readable & Informative

Website design that explains in detail all the information about the product or service to be marketed.

Testing and launching

Here, We are testing all the finished work on the website, starting from hosting server, security, designs, coding and data entry then the responsive technology on Mobile and Tablet.

Maintenance & Manage

The development of your web site is not necessarily over, though. One way to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new products on a regular basis, if this interests you.

Website design prices in Egypt and choosing the right company

You can get a lot of quotes for website design, how can you determine the most appropriate company?

Prices vary from company to another due to the design’s quality, the time required to complete the design and the experienced team.

Prices also vary based on the company’s prior experience and the presence of a business prioritization that outlines previous work and designs.

Tech Village company has a team of experts for many years, and we have a good business precedent that enables us to be the ideal partner for our customers and we also offer the best website design prices so do not hesitate to become a part of our extended family. 

Tips to improve your business website design

  • The home page should be simple, easy to navigate, consistent in color and have high-quality images.
  • Site images must be unique and of high quality in order to increase the efficiency of the site.
  • The site should be easy to navigate because easy navigation helps search engines to index the content.
  • Ensure that the site speed is fast and it must be less than 3 seconds to be friendly with search engines.
  • The site must be responsive with all types of mobile devices (Android -iPhone).
  • Create a good and unique text content that must follow Google’s policies in order to appear in search engines.