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10 Technical specifications for online store website design

online store website design

Online store website design for your business has become one of the foundations for the success of any business. Therefore, make sure that the design of the website of the online store is distinct, and expresses your activity and your brand in order to gain huge profits from it.

By designing a professional online store, customers can see your products, get to know them well, and compare the products you offer with competing companies, and you can win more customers through the quality of the products, in addition to the offers and discounts you offer them.

Through your good offers on your online store, you motivate customers to quickly make a purchase decision and connect them with your brand, thus becoming a permanent customer.

The services provided by Online store website design company

If you have products that you want to market and sell through the Internet, then designing an online store website will be the right way to achieve your goal. If it is carried out in a professional manner so that it will have all the services you need in selling products, and achieve real and fast profit.

The online store website design includes tools to sell products, and publish appropriate and attractive content so that you are a strong competitor to successful stores.

A good online store website design succeeds in attracting customers to your store and achieving profits when the website complies with the standards of the search engines and continuous Google updates.

Also, linking the website with social media platforms, and creating advertising campaigns on social media, achieve more spread and communication with users and customers.

The online store website design company helps you choose a suitable logo for the company, characterized by creativity and attractiveness, and expressive of the type of activity. The company logo is very important, and it stays with the company forever.

How to choose an online store website design that matches the specifications?

  • It is necessary that the design of the electronic store includes an appropriate number of pages that include the various sections of the store.
  • Special attention should be paid to the home page, to be attractive and comfortable to the eye, including a distinctive set of product images, as well as the best and latest daily offers, and to show your brand clearly, as well as phone numbers and means of communication.
  • The rest of the pages are divided to reflect the different product sections and can be accessed easily through the search window.
  • Products are displayed through attractive and clear images, in all product colors, accompanied by a detailed description specifying the product’s material, country of origin, usage instructions, and price.
  • It is useful to allocate a place that displays users’ opinions and their evaluation of the item.
  • Allocating a page to introduce the company (About Us), and a page to define the store’s policies and terms of use in case of returning products.
  • Define a page where the means of communication appear, to inquire or present a problem, in which phone numbers and e-mail are specified.
  • The online store website design should include a page for the purchase order and the shopping cart; besides, the ordering steps should be easy and clear to the customer. It should also include the date of delivery and the possibility of tracking the shipment until receipt.
  • The store’s website should specify several payment methods to facilitate the purchase process and to include payment upon delivery.

Technical specifications for online store website design

  1. The online store website design should be modern, easy, and attractive.
  2. To have the necessary protection (adding SSL to the domain is free).
  3. The ability to manage the entire store’s content easily.
  4. One of the factors for the success of the design of the website of the electronic store is to attach to it a blog with articles on products, as well as store news.
  5. The design of the store should be flexible to allow the addition of daily offers and discounts.
  6. It provides several payment options such as PayPal and credit cards with complete security features.
  7. The store’s website should include a promotional tool integrated with social media, as well as by e-mail.
  8. Introducing updates and continuous development of the store.
  9. A control panel that enables managing content and making modifications easily.
  10. The design should be based on the best content management system (CMS).

Additional features for online store website design

  • Online store website design company should provide you with a sufficient number of sections to display the products.
  • The company provides you with technical support for the website of the online store throughout the day.
  • The design of the online store should be modern, innovative, and adjustable.
  • The contract includes successful marketing plans.
  • Easy purchase and payment by clicks.
  • The online store website design should be compatible with all smart systems and devices to ensure widespread.
  • A domain name compatible with any extension (com, net, org).
  • The website should be uploaded to a fast and secure server.
  • The store’s website should be linked to the shipping company responsible for delivering products locally and internationally, according to the store’s business.
  • Services to be designed on WordPress using appropriate special programming.
  • It is necessary to add the WooCommerce feature specified to e-commerce, on the WordPress website, through which you can indicate product specifications and prices, payment methods, and define the appearance and identity of the online store.

Steps to design an online store website

  1. Choosing a suitable and attractive name for the website is a major reason for success. Therefore, the name should be easy and fresh, attractive and expressive, and easy to memorize, it also helps in spreading it and achieving the customers’ association with it.
  2. You have to specify the number of sections with online store website design company, so that it fits with the number of products that are offered in the store, a section for clothes divided into sections for women, men, and children, and a section for accessories, and another one for skincare products…etc.
  3. Choosing a strong server, and hosting commensurate with the size of the store’s website, and the number of potential visitors, as this works to withstand the website’s work pressure, and reduce the possibility of expected malfunctions.
  4. It is important for the website to have the feature of sending text messages to customers through the mobile, and that will be part of the contract made by the online store Website design company.

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