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El Hawi Auto Trade

El Hawi Auto trade company with major general agencies in Egypt in fruitful cooperation and by huge investments to sustain success and success in the Egyptian market.  And despite the political turmoil and the economic muralist the past years however containing trading insisted on more investment and the opening of new national monuments to further spread nationwide.

in collaboration with all banks in Egypt and the Islamic regime in remarks to Mr. Shaaban El Hawi company Chairman trade newspapers Al-Ahram and Akhbar al Youm said the family history in the area of El Hawi cars and motorbikes was launched in 1940 as the beginning of the city Ismailia. And an extension of the reputation and size of big business in the automotive market the El Hawi Auto Trade company we want in 1980 to Ismailia city and then opened a branch office of the commercial port and then picnic together

Mr. Shaban El Hawi  was not limited to automotive, but found the fruit company for trade & investment real estate in Ismailia and then ‘ Euphrates ‘ and ‘ good ‘ and the ‘ Maitland ‘ food products, which added a great success to the container name and complete the entire investment in the Egyptian market and be a presence in Cairo decided opening the container trade company in Nasr City and exhibition was founded and manage complete second floor and opened and thank God.  The container company known for automotive trade Gulf and moved into the Egyptian market with all kinds of motor transport and the private car and Gulf equipment where we have achieved very high sales figures led to continue with the Egyptian consumer who have confidence quickly.  And a very important step in the company’s management insisted on working with major agencies in Egypt was fruitful cooperation with all agencies and all types of vehicles and we approved distributors in various cars like Opel and Chevrolet and the private car transportation and achieved huge sales numbers with this age-old agent since 2012 Skoda and jelly etc.  Then collaborated with Ezz al-Arab in all cars, so Suzuki Egypt