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CO Operative Insurance Society Egypt Cis

CIS protects the guarantee of loans by international reinsurance
companies up to 30 million pounds for each loan.

CIS The Society is registered under No. (1) For the year 1998 in the Register of Cooperative Insurance Societies and is subject to the provisions of Law No. 10 of 1981 on supervision and control of insurance in Egypt.
CIS is the first insurance Authority in Egypt operating in accordance with the general provisions of cooperation and provide insurance service to customers who are automatically granted membership shares.

perative insurance.

The Society has overcome the difficulties and achieved unprecedented successes in a record time.

CIS is established by the Social Fund for Development (Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Development Agency) and its development mission supports small, medium and micro enterprises.

CIS provides an insurance policy for creditors against their inability to collect debts due to them when the borrower defaults and stops paying the loan balance.

The insurance policy submitted by the society is in itself a complement to the financial, social and development system and encourages young people to invest boldly, which are targeted

Co. Operative Insurance Society, Egypt

CIS is a member of the Insurance Federation of Egypt, the General Arab Insurance Federation “GAIF” and the Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers “FAIR”.by the country.

CIS has 13 branches cover most governorates of Egypt and aims to increase them during this year.