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What is the importance of having a website?

importance of having a website

The number of global Internet users has reached more than 4.66 billion, and the number of Internet users in Egypt is more than 54.74 million users, equivalent to 51% of the population in Egypt, according to the statistics for the year 2019-2020, Whether globally or locally, these statistics are in an annual increase of between 17% – 20%.

And here comes the most important question: Are you ready with your business to address this number of global and local Internet users?

In recent times, owning a website has become an integral part of the importance of establishing your business on the ground, especially these days with the development of technology and the increase in the chances of attracting customers through the Internet and the interest of individuals and companies in social media.

Therefore, it is the most appropriate solution and the most effective way to communicate with the outside world, achieve profits, and create a clear identity that distinguishes you from your competitors, in addition to ensuring the success of the commercial enterprise better than your presence on the ground only.

What is the importance of having a website?

  • First: Determine the goal of the website as follows:
  1. Are you creating the website as an introductory tool for you and your activity!
  2. Is the aim of e-commerce to sell products and services!
  3. Is it a professional goal to display news and articles!
  4. A professional mother in order to provide important and valuable information and data to clients, such as creating a search engine in a specific sector of business.
  • Second: Determine the name and address of the website on the Internet (domain name – domain name).
  1. This is what the customer will always and never remember whenever he wants to buy any of your products or services, so the name must have many elements, namely:
    1- The domain or domain name must be short and easy to remember.
    2- Determine the strength of competition for this name.
    3- Always avoid slang or out-of-the-ordinary for the culture of the society.
    4- preferably dot com.
    5- It must be the same name that will be used on social media platforms or very close, in order to build a unified identity for your business name.
    6- It should be completely far from any similarity with any other trademark.
    7- You must protect the domain name.
    8- It is preferable for the domain name to be away from links and numbers.
  • Third: the server or the server:

He is the one who will be connected to the Internet permanently throughout the year after all the contents of the website are stored inside it, and when the user calls up a website, he must appear in front of him as soon as possible.

The server or server specifications differ according to the needs of your site in terms of server capabilities.

In this part, we have a long and interesting talk to explain how to choose the appropriate server or server for your website.

Choosing a successful web design company guarantees you success.

  • Fourth: the content

Which is represented in the text, images, and video, which must be new, isolated and not repeated, and not
It is similar to the content of other sites

  • Fifth: Design, programming, and development

Here comes the most important role in creating the website because you must ensure that the design is attractive, unique, fast, and easy to use.

In short, creating and owning a website for your business is considered one of the most important tools for addressing all Internet users.

Reasons to create your website for you or your business!

First of all, think about your business on the ground, what does it consist of?!
A commercial facility located in a place with a specific address for your customers, easy to reach, with specific dates and phone numbers for easy communication on official working hours, is not it?

On the other hand, you have to start with the details and objectives of the website. This is because it is simply because the marketing study of your commercial project indicates that 100 customers visit your site on the ground daily.

As the Tech Village marketing team, we assure you that on the website we guarantee more than 1000 visitors to your website.
This is based on many factors and marketing tools that must be planned to reach this number, which will be clarified in another topic on marketing.

The most important features of the website:

  • Firstly, it costs less

Although there is a cost to create the website, it saves you other costs such as opening your own branches, the cost of decoration, human resources, and other expensive costs that cannot be compared to the creation of the website, and thus you can save those costs to develop your products or services in order to expand the circle Your potential audience and reach the largest number of clients.

  • Marketing better

The website is considered the first and most popular way to market your products and services, despite the presence of a lot of social media, but marketing through the website is considered the easiest ever because it is considered the easiest platform that customers can use to view products, request and communicate with you.

It cannot be overlooked that websites are not only a local marketing method but rather that they are considered an excellent method For international marketing that enables you to reach global markets more and easier and gives you a greater chance for success for your business.

  • Create a distinctive brand identity for your company

Creating a website is considered as implanting your name, the slogan of your company, and the value of your services and products in the minds Your customers and their ranking on your site have a great role in increasing the trust between you and your customers.

  • Update

The websites allow easy updating, modification, and review of your products and your company information, as well as updating it, for example, on your own publications.

  • More credible

Having a website increases the confidence of your customers, especially if the deal is between companies and not individuals because they are
They prefer to communicate formally and see the previous works available to you on the site and this is useful in order to increase the value of your brand.

Is creating a website only for you?

Of course, no, because the creation of the website, the original is nothing but an exchange of benefit between the parties, increasing the knowledge of your audience, building trust between you and them, and increasing your income if you are seeking this, and in return, the ease of customer communication with you and the satisfaction of their needs.

The importance of creating websites by the customer is limited to the ease of communication with you through the site and his feeling of satisfaction when he needs something and finds it without effort and waiting, but he will prefer access to your services that he wants easily and easily without making any effort and at the time that he specifies.

Responding to customer inquiries and sharing them through the website allows customers to access all the information and common questions that revolve in their minds and also exempts your commercial organization from responding each time to the same questions.

This saves you time and effort, which you must invest in developing your products or services in order to improve your business.

Also, one of the causes of customer confidence in the design of a professional website that contains all the information that every customer needs during the search, so making all the information that customers search for and interest him through your products or services that you provide without linking to a specific date increases the chance of your participation faster.

It increases the feeling of confidence in your business and enhances the decision to do business with you.

Is the main reason for creating your website to only showcase your products or services and satisfy the customer?

Although customer satisfaction is important to you, it is not the main and only reason, but there is another reason that is no less important than customer satisfaction, which is the success of your business, increasing your profits and spreading faster than you are on the ground only through your headquarters.

The website increases your knowledge of your customers and collects information and data related to their interests, this information allows you to know them in a deeper way, evaluate their activities, and know which products or services they prefer and are constantly looking for, need, and want to acquire.

Not only that, but you can also, through your website, divide customers according to their age and geographical location and link it to their interests so that you can form a complete picture of your customer and at the same time enable you to develop everything you have on your website to reach the largest number of potential customers and make the purchase decision with the utmost ease.

After-sales service is one of the most important customers wishes on the ground and also through the website.

This point, in particular, is considered one of the most important values ​​that the customer needs and increases his confidence towards you, after sales service is the good relationship that the customer needs to solve all his problems and help him to get everything he wants and how to use your products and communicate with you effectively and make him a sustainable customer for you and increase his satisfaction as Some studies have shown that when customers reach the level of satisfaction with a particular company, it is difficult for them to deal with others, but on the contrary, they will repeat the purchase experience over and over again without any hesitation, because they simply trust you and your products and services that you provide because they always feel that you are with them before and after the purchase.

Mutual trust between you, your audience, and your potential customers increases your chances of success, increases your sales, and gets much more profits than expected if your goals are limited to your presence on the ground only.

You may need to define your goals and be clearer in order to facilitate dealing with you so that your customers feel that there is no difference between the Internet and reality, and they trust you more, perhaps this is the right moment to create your site now and achieve your goals towards your business.

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