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The cost of online store website design for 2023

The cost of online store website design

Online store website design is one of the most important steps that owners of goods and commercial projects must take, to be the best way to promote and advertise products, and to reach the largest segments of the audience. In light of the tremendous technological progress and the spread of the Internet worldwide, the rates of individuals will be doubled using the network internet, and this was the reason for the increase in the movement of buying and selling on the Internet.

The establishment of electronic stores became a necessity and an effective way to display and promote goods, when the electronic store is created in a professional manner that provides all the success factors for the store, its cost is proportional to the services it provides, the extent of success in using Modern technologies in its design, and opportunities to display products on it in a striking and attractive way. That helps to attract more customers, reach new segments of users, and achieve the highest number of sales.

Your site is your investment, guarantee it a success with the best web design company in Egypt.

How to choose an online store website design company?

  • You have to be careful when choosing the company designed for your online store, to check the company’s previous work, and to see samples of its work.
  • The company should use the latest technical methods in the online store website design, so that it keeps pace with the tremendous technological progress, and is compatible with different operating systems.
  • The company should provide multiple payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards of all kinds, add bank accounts to the store, and offer more packages and encouraging offers.
  • The executing company must hire a professional team of creative programmers, who are able to create a unique and distinct design.
  • The company uses multiple platforms for programming that are easy and superior in Online store website design, including OpenCart Magento, Presta Shop, WooCommerce, so that new products can be added, and content can be managed easily.
  • The design of the online store should be compatible with all operating systems, types of desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones, in order to facilitate access for larger numbers of users.
  • The company is always looking for customer satisfaction, and being a good listener to the customer in order to implement the design that he desires.
  • The developer team presents more ideas to the client, provides more choices, and provides the necessary advice to him.
  •  Transparency, clarity, and commitment to delivery dates are among the most important foundations for the success of web design companies and electronic stores.
  • Paying attention to the after-sales service, through the technical support team, by communicating with customers and answering their questions and inquiries.
  •   To work according to a well-studied plan and strategy to ensure that the best services are provided to customers.

Technical Specifications of Online store website design

  • Choosing a script that matches the language and version of the online store.
  • Providing the largest amount of protection settings associated with the online store, choosing a strong password that is difficult to penetrate, and protecting the store’s database from penetration.
  • The store includes both (e-mail, name, currency, language, contact data,).
  • Preparing the technical settings for adding products, shipping, and setting product prices.
  • Organizing product settings, which include (adding main sections – adding options – adding filters – adding groups – linking settings to sections)
  • Set default shipping operations, which include (Applying shipping laws – Setting shipping means on the order completion page – Determining shipping prices).
  • Adjusting the settings for the default payment, which is setting the payment and automatic activation – setting the payment gateway display on the order completion page, linking the payment gateway to the site.

Features of Online store Website design

  • The use of modern technologies in web design

The online store is designed professionally using the latest innovative designs through a team of developers and designers at the highest level in web design, and (HTML5 – CSS3 – JavaScript) is used.

  • Responsive design

The websites are designed responsively with all tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers.

  • Compatibility with all internet browsers

The sites are designed to suit all Internet browsers, in order to ensure that your visitors browse the site in a safe and easy-to-use framework

  • A site that matches your business

The company’s team analyzes and studies the business of the commercial store, and analyzes the competing sites of your site for easy leadership on search engines.

  • Friendly to search engines

The company uses modern technologies that facilitate the process of archiving sites and responding to search engines for the content of your website, such as compressing images on the site to speed browsing, with the possibility of linking the site to social media sites, adding effective communication methods, Google map, phone numbers, and the shortcut number if available.

  • Ease of site management

The design provides you with a multilingual and supportive Arabic-language site management control panel, through which you can manage your site with ease and simplicity.

  • To follow up the work on the store by a professional team of customer service, active and able to provide various services within 24 hours a day, and solve all problems facing users as they occur.
  • Adding means of communication with the site, whether by direct conversation, text messages, or phone numbers designated for customer service.
  • Clearly define the policy of dealing with the store, such as the period of delivery of products, and the return policy.
  • The Online store Website design enables you to can add a specific number of products, which are 25 products, and if you want to add more products, you must enter to the control room of the site in order to add products.
  • Usually, the store only allows you to add 10 sections. You can add more manually through the control room.
  • Online store website design is usually flexible so that it allows you to make adjustments to the programming of the online store in order to modify one of its features, so you can make more adjustments to the programming and the design from the same company.
  • Adding more features to the site after testing. This may be done for an additional amount of cost.

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The cost of setting up an online store

The design company is supposed to provide you with the best professional design of the highest quality, distinction, and attractiveness, and to provide you with technical support throughout the day, to avoid any malfunctions that hinder the work on the site. Accordingly, the company determines the appropriate price based on the number of sections and pages and the number of languages supported by the store.

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