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Your Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing in Egypt 2023

Social Media Marketing in Egypt

Social media marketing in Egypt is one of the most effective and influential means for large, small, and emerging businesses to reach customers interested in your business.

Statistics indicate that the number of Its users around the world exceeds billions, as the Facebook platform ranked first with 2 billion and 740 million users.

And YouTube platform came in second place with 2 billion and 291 million visitors, and WhatsApp came in third place with 2 billion users.

All these numbers make the use of social media inevitable and necessary for business owners.

As business owners who do not use this type lose a lot, using this method achieves very great success and an increase in profits.

What is Social Media Marketing in Egypt

It is a form of “Digital Marketing or “Internet Marketing” in which social media is used to create and share content to achieve the marketing objectives of large, small, and emerging businesses.

This type includes many activities such as posting text, images, videos, and other content that grab the viewer’s attention, as well as the use of paid advertising.

Many social networking sites can be used such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and a number of other platforms, but first, it is necessary to determine the platforms that will be used.

In fact, you are not obligated to use all of these platforms, but you must first study your audience to know where your target audience is.

As well as studying the product or the field, as there are some areas that some platforms are not suitable for, so you must first study the audience well, study the product, study the target country, and many of the elements that will be talked about in the article.

Why social media?

Are you still waiting for an answer now? You mentioned some numbers identified by studies for the number of users around the world, are you still waiting for more numbers?

It’s okay, I’ll show you some other numbers, there are approximately 8 billion people living on this planet, 42% of the total number of this use it, which is approximately 3.3 billion users on a daily basis world.

Do you understand these numbers? What if you put your product in front of those who want it at the right time, these numbers made marketing through social media inevitable and necessary for any marketer or business owner, regardless of the type of product or service in any field.

The importance of social media marketing in Egypt

The importance of social media marketing is not only limited to increasing profits, there are many other advantages that you can take advantage of this type, including:

Increase awareness of your product and your brand

The presence of your company or business on social media is imperative and necessary to increase awareness of your brand, but you should also know that most people who search for services and products search for them through it.

Also, when you provide unique and distinctive content on social media, users recommend their acquaintances to your service, which increases awareness of your brand and what you offer.

Your presence on these means increases people’s knowledge of your business and also increases their knowledge of the services or products you provide.

Suitable for any business

Marketing through communication platforms is suitable for any business and any field. If you are a store, website, restaurant, exhibition, or whatever type of activity you are, you can use the means of communication to your advantage.

This is what distinguishes the means of communication from any other means, where you can target users according to your field, and show them your business.

It is the fastest and most effective method, and you can also use this type in after-sales services as well.

Market Research

Any marketer can read the market well and carefully and study competitors in the same field and know their strengths and weaknesses, and also read the audience and what they want and therefore after this study, you will provide your service in the best possible way.

You can also read the trends and what happens every day and take advantage of these trends and use them in marketing, this helps you spread your content and increase awareness of your activity.

All this information that you can easily see on social media enables you to analyse the bad well and thus provide services in the best possible way.

You can start with any budget

There is no means of marketing that does not require money to use, whether traditional means of television, radio, banners, posters, and advertising campaigns on television channels.

Unlike using social networking sites, you can start at any time, from anywhere, and with any budget, but you start for free, and then you promote with the budget and the time that you specify.

Increase the number of visits to your website

Using this type has another benefit which is to attract more visitors to your website, these visits can lead to more potential customers and increase the conversion rate as well.

Don’t need a qualification

The use of marketing through communication sites does not require a specific qualification or a scientific certificate, as the owners of the activities themselves can carry out them.

Although it is better to resort to a specialized and more experienced marketer, which helps to reach faster, in general, it does not require a specific qualification.

Marketing goals through social media

Marketing through these platforms enables you to achieve some goals, including:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • Increase your branding.
  • Creating a brand identity.
  • Improve the relationship between you and your customers and interact with them.
  • Opening the door for dialogue with clients.

In the beginning, the means of communication began to publish only, so companies used to share the content of their websites on the communication sites to increase the number of visits to the site and increase profits as well, but now is at a high degree of maturity.

Also, the number of users of these means has increased many times over, so these means have become a suitable place for business owners to present their products, increase their profits, sales, and awareness of their brand without the need to resort to a website.

It is now possible for business owners to reach their products to the people who are interested in their products in the fastest time, in a more professional manner, and more effectively than any other marketing method by targeting by gender, age, interests, locations, and others.

The impact of social media on marketing in Egypt

Using This platform has become imperative and necessary, as it has proven its effectiveness in increasing sales, increasing profits, and many other advantages such as brand awareness and succession.

The number of users exceeds billions around the world and the number is subject to increase, as well as the number of these platforms themselves can be increased, these numbers give the opportunity for all businesses to use social networking sites to increase sales and thus increase profits.

Your choice of these platforms to market your products has a positive impact on your business, as people learn about the quality of your activity and the services or products you provide.

Another advantage of this type is that you choose your preferred audience accurately, quickly reach them in a professional manner, and be in constant contact with them. You can also analyze your competitors easily by using various analysis tools.

These Impacts including:

1. Increase website visitors

The use of social media increases the number of website visits, whether on the freeway, or in the paid way by creating traffic campaigns for your website, and the possibility of converting these visitors from real customers to potential customers.

2. People are familiar with your products and your brand

Your presence on social media enables you to reach many people quickly and quickly, which helps you to know people about your business and the services you provide.

3. Customer Service Level

Using it professionally will enable you to impress your customers and what you offer by providing services in a more professional and timely manner.

4. Competition

Being on social media among your competitors will enhance your presence and continue to compete with them, but if you do not use them and compete strongly, this will deprive you of much and more.

5. Impact on sales

Studies have proven that using these platforms enables business owners to convert potential customers into actual customers more than any other marketing method, although it is the least stressful and costly image than other means.

Social Media Marketing in Egypt Strategies

Starting without making a strategy means the failure of your marketing campaign, as well as on social media, starting without making a clear strategy does not bring success.

But it will fail, and if it succeeds somewhat, but this success will be for a while and does not guarantee you continuity of success.

And there are steps that must be followed to build a correct marketing strategy:

1. Setting goals

Before starting the marketing process, you must first know what goals you want to reach, what you want from your campaign on social media platforms, there are many goals that we need to reach, among these goals:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • Increase awareness of your brand and the services it offers.
  • Do you want to increase sales?
  • Customer data collection.
  • Download your own application.
  • Constant communication with your customers.

Before starting the next step, you must know your goals so that you can develop the optimal marketing plan.

2. Good Planning

Planning should be done before you start so that you can plan correctly. This may take some time and effort, but there is no successful strategy without good planning. You have to identify some things first:

  • What are the goals of your business?
  • How can social media help you achieve it?
  • What is the age range of your potential audience?
  • What is the target gender?
  • What are your audience’s interests?
  • How to reach the largest possible number of targeting?

As I mentioned starting without a marketing plan is like a ship without a leader, you will inevitably fail in the end, but you must plan well, and there are some other questions that you must ask to determine your plans:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Where is your target audience?
  • What message do you want to send to your audience?
  • what is your job?
  • What is the most appropriate network of communication to get your target customers?

3. Determine the most suitable platforms

In fact, there are many social media that you can use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and other platforms. You are not obligated to use all of these platforms

But you are obligated to choose the most appropriate platforms. You must study your business well and know what it is. your audience well so that you can choose the most suitable platforms.

There are some platforms that are suitable for a particular field and are not preferred to be used in another field, as well as there are platforms that are widely used in one country and are used less in another country.

Like the use of Snapchat in the Gulf to a large extent and in Egypt it is used less, there are platforms that are most used in a particular country that you can rely on.

If you do not know what are the most appropriate platforms, you can use some websites that tell you what is the most used platform in your country, such as Hootsuite.

4. Gather all information about your target audience

Studying your customers well ensures the success of your marketing campaign. You must know what their hobbies are, what are their problems and what services they need, and many questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What is the age of your customers?
  • Are they men, women, or both?
  • What is the economic condition of your customers? Are they Class A, B, or C?
  • Are there specific problems or challenges that may prevent customers from reaching you?
  • What are your customers’ interests related to what you offer?

All of these things help you to develop a good plan and provide your service optimally.

5. Creating Attractive Content

The most important thing you provide to your customers is the content, as they say, “content is king”, you are obligated to provide unique content and solve the problems of your customers in a better and more professional way.

It is possible to do all the steps, but your campaign may fail due to content that is not suitable for your audience, so it is a key factor for the success of your marketing campaign.

You must provide good content that provides the service optimally, and you can use:

  • textual content.
  • Infographic.
  • graphic.
  • the video.
  • Motion video.
  • competitions.
  • Question and vote.

Also, keeping up with events and trends is imperative and necessary to use good and appropriate content that attracts the viewer’s attention.

6. Create a schedule of content

After creating your content, which has taken a lot of time and effort to provide good and unique content, it is preferable to use publishing tools, as they help you reduce a lot of time and effort.

You can use the publishing tools and schedule your posts on each platform you use and decide to publish them at the appropriate time.

But there are now publishing tools that enable you to manage all social media platforms from one place, as it saves you a lot of time, effort and fatigue, and makes you free to do other activities that help you in the marketing process.

These include Buffer, SEMrush, Hootsuite, and many others.

7. Continuous analysis

The analysis is a very necessary and important thing to know your results. The analysis enables you to improve your marketing process, whether by improving content or by improving its publication dates and so on.

There are some tools that enable you to analyze your audience on your page and the best times for you to publish, and it is best to use page insights for this.

Ask yourself many questions, such as:

  • Were more people reached than last month?
  • How many positive signals did you get?

The social media platforms themselves provide this information, and to get more in-depth analytics information or to compare easily, you can use one of the most important analytics tools like Buffer.

8. Create advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns enable you to reach a larger audience of followers who follow you and thus offer your services to more customers by targeting the audience you select. It is okay to set a special monthly budget for advertisements.

Advertising on social media is the cheapest compared to other means such as advertising on search engines.

You can create several advertising campaigns at the same time, thus reaching larger audiences with a category that is controlled by age, gender, location, interests, etc. more professionally.

9. Monitor competitors

It is very important to monitor competitors continuously in order to analyse their strengths and how to benefit from them and to be constantly competing with them to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

By observing them, you can see which type of content is more attractive or more effective with the audience and thus use the same type.

It is also important to follow up on them to provide something special about them and to provide your services in a better and more professional manner.

Mistakes you make when marketing on social media

There are some mistakes that you should not make in order to prevent any negative impact on the company or product, and take a negative mental image of you on the part of your customers, among these mistakes:

  • Interest in providing sales content only and not providing useful and interactive content to your customers to motivate them to interact with you on a permanent basis.
  • Not selecting the most appropriate means of communication for your field of work.
  • Failure to develop a clear and specific strategy to manage the communication pages.
  • Not following up on customers and responding to their inquiries, whether by messages, comments, or evaluations.
  • Not linking social media platforms to each other.
  • Failure to adhere to the agreed plan.
  • Failure to provide the necessary resources to the marketing team.
  • Not knowing the best times to publish.
  • Not studying the target audience.
  • Not studying the product to be marketed.

All these mistakes must be avoided to achieve better results and leave a positive mental image of your customers.

The best platforms for social media marketing

It is important to specify the platforms on which your customers are located more, does this mean that you use one platform? No, you can use many platforms but you should first know which of these platforms the customers are on the most.

There are also many factors that determine which platforms to use, such as age, type, country, type of product or service, and other factors.

There are many platforms that can be used, including:

1. Facebook

The Facebook platform is the most famous, most used, and oldest platform in terms of use as well, as Facebook has a very large fan base.

Most Facebook users are the decision-makers in the purchase process, whether parents or mothers and therefore Facebook marketing is imperative and necessary for any small or large business.

Facebook is very suitable for the marketing process, whether for the business owner or for customers, for the possibility of continuous interaction, as well as providing the messaging feature “Messenger” for ease of communication.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a platform for visual content such as photos and videos.

The most active age group is 35 years old or under, so you can use this platform for certain business activities.

If you are the owner of a restaurant, cafe, clothes, or any entertainment activity, the best platform for you is Instagram, and this does not mean that you rely on it completely, but you can use some other platforms besides it, such as Facebook.

3. Twitter

Twitter is the preferred platform for celebrities and influencers in all fields. If your field needs to deal with influencers, you can use the Twitter platform.

Twitter is one of the very important platforms in marketing because it is easy to reach the business through hashtags.

4. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform is considered one of the most professional platforms compared to other platforms, this platform was acquired by the giant Microsoft for the strength of its influence.

The LinkedIn platform is very suitable for some fields, if your field is related to programming, marketing, or design, your presence on this platform is very important.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the second search engine after Google search engine, YouTube has many users around the world that exceed millions, and billions of views are made on it on a daily basis.

Using the “video” content-type is not easy, because it requires a lot of time, effort, and money, but it is a very suitable method for some fields.

If you are in the field of graphic design, tourism services, sports services, or education, then this platform is very suitable for you, and YouTube is used by some content providers to earn money from views.

Some tips for using social media marketing in Egypt

After I clarified the vision in front of you regarding the concept of e-marketing and how to use the means of communication and build a correct marketing strategy, I will offer you some tips:

Use the video professionally

Video Marketing is the most effective and impactful type of content. Using this type makes it easier for you to deliver information faster and more effectively. The time that a customer takes to read a post or article in minutes, can be shortened to seconds through the video

Also, when doing the promotion process, it is preferable to use video because it is the most popular type.

Use sponsored ads

You should allocate a special budget to promote your business, whether it is annually or monthly.

It is very important to make ads secretly to reach the largest number of people interested in your product, as well as to display more other products.

One of the most important platforms through which you can advertise is Facebook because it has very large data and a large presence for your potential customers.

Posting constantly

When clarifying the marketing plan, you should set a content publishing plan and make it permanent and continuous on certain days according to the activity of your audience, which you can know through page insights, and you can use some tools that save you time and effort such as the Buffer tool.

Use Offers

You can make offers periodically to attract attention to your product, as well as to work on satisfying customers and gain their trust, and make them belong to your brand.

Offers are a key factor in gaining more customers and instilling loyalty with them, as there are many people who like such terms to rush to buy.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers in any field have a large fan base, so marketing through them will be of great benefit to you.

This method is suitable for owners of mobile or clothing companies and other recreational and therapeutic activities as well, such as clinics and laboratories. When these people make a recommendation for a specific place, this leads to a very large return for the owner of this place.

Use Hashtags

Your use of hashtags makes it easier for customers to reach you and makes it easier for you to reach them, as most social media platforms use this feature now.

Choosing a social media marketing company in Egypt

I think you realize how important social media marketing is now, so if you do not have enough experience to manage your pages, it is best to use a specialized digital marketing company that has sufficient experience in this field.

Contact us and start your marketing campaign on social media.

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