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Smile Tours is another partnership for another success story

Smile Tours is another partnership for another success story

Smile Tours is one of our recent success stories that we were happy with, despite our success stories, but this story has a special character.

Especially as it offers entertainment services that make its customers happy, in addition to its name Smile, which made us actually happy to deal with them.

We also mention in every success story we present to you that success always brings success. My understanding is a fact that no one can change or comment on.

We always strive to achieve success, so that the other and the other follow us, which is what we made with our client Smile Tours.

And because we know the value of success, and we know the value of our successes, we always strive to achieve more, and we cannot back down, slacken or give up.

The partnership between us and our business was full of success, by designing an e-commerce website, providing an electronic payment method, and designing a commercial identity, and I will show you the full story in the rest of the article.

Status Review

Smile Tours has more than 20 years of experience in Egyptian tourism.

They are a team of ambitious young people who stand confident and unyielding behind their values and belief in their services.

They have a hand-picked group who are highly trained in their field of work, as a team, they work with great commitment and endless smiles on their faces.

As a company, they take every challenge and opportunity with both hands and don’t leave them until they are rightly achieved.

four words that express the spirit of Smile Tours, New, Right, Ambition, Adventurous.

The Mission

Our mission came with Smile Tours to provide a strong presence on the Internet, by creating an e-commerce site, providing an electronic payment method, and designing a commercial identity.

Thus, we have provided a strong online presence for our client through this site, to be an interface for them and express them professionally.

And we have also provided an electronic payment method to facilitate the customer’s booking process through the site with ease.

After we did all the studies and analyses, a plan for creating our client’s website was developed, and we implemented this plan immediately and worked on it optimally.

This plan has been developed based on a complete study and analysis of the market, studying the competitors well.

As well as studying the target group to provide a user experience that suits them and works to satisfy them and satisfy our customers.

Based on this study, we designed a logo for our client that fits the field in which he works, and suits their target audience.

Smile Tours website

website for smile tours

The process of designing a site for our client began by creating an integrated plan for the e-commerce site.

According to several studies that included studying competitors and studying the target audience to build a site that satisfies our client and its customers.

We have also developed a set of proposed initial visions that fit the field of work of our client “Smile Tours”.

After approving the plan that was developed, we implemented it and created our client’s website with the required and agreed specifications, including the main interface, and the internal service pages.

Our distinguished team of developers also programmed and developed the user interface and the interactive interface of the site.

The site has been designed with high-quality specifications with high performance, and these specifications include:

  • Site speed.
  • Ease of use.
  • Ease of control.
  • Observe the criteria of search engines.
  • Compatibility with all devices.
  • All pages are easy to navigate.
  • Provide private hosting for our client.
  • Domain reservation in the name of the company.


At this time and with the widespread of business on the Internet, it has become necessary to provide an electronic payment method for websites, electronic stores, or mobile applications.

This is what we have done with our client. We have provided a payment method to facilitate the electronic payment process for site visitors and potential customers.

You should know that the possibility of buying is more than providing this service on your website or online store, so if there is an easy, convenient, and safe payment method, what makes the customer retreating from the purchase process.

And even more, when the customer experiences your site and completes the purchase easily from the first time, this increases the possibility of buying again, even many times, and even the customer will recommend you.

In contrast to not providing a payment method, or providing a payment method that is not secure or has problems, this reduces the customer’s possibility of purchasing, the customer is always looking for comfort and security.

Indeed, we have implemented this feature on his website, which has won the admiration and satisfaction of Smile Tours and its clients.

Logo Design

Another service that was provided to our client, Smile Tours, is logo design. A complete study of the market was conducted, where competitors were well studied, and the target audience was studied, to develop a logo design plan.

The logo was designed based on the study and plan that was developed, which won the admiration of our client.

Tech Village was honored to cooperate with Smile Tours

As a result of the effort and hard work made by the team of designers and programmers in Tech Village.

And the company’s supervision of the plan that was developed to design the site in a more professional manner as soon as possible and with the highest quality.

All the services provided have been well received by our client and all users of this site.

The success we have achieved compels us to always offer the best to reach a higher rank. The success of our client is also our success.

That is, we put the client’s goals in front of our eyes and do our best to achieve these goals.

As a Digital Marketing Solutions Company, we are proud to collaborate with a client like Smile Tours

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