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WHS Plastics Egypt

WHS Plastics Egypt is one of the leading companies in the field of injection and assembly of plastic parts for various industries. Established in 2007 as the sister company of WHS Plastics UK, one of the chief plastic manufacturers in the UK. WHS-PE utilizes the latest technology applied in the field to constantly be at the forefront of the local and international market – with a range of customers that includes the most prestigious brands in several industries.

This was only due to our very restricted quality standards, punctuality of delivery, and a very dedicated workforce that makes us distinguished from any manufacturer and the most reliable manufacturer any customer can rely on.

Our core values:

1- Honesty 2- Mutual Respect. 3- Promote from within. 4- Be better in every aspect of the business. 5- Initiation. 6- Do what is best for the company.