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The Club

The Club is the largest chain of clubs offering all sports and social activities with a professional management system.

“The Club” series of clubs is a series of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in partnership with the private sector. The series also aims to provide a sport and social service that attracts all segments of society and attract young people and their families to bridge the gap in the large numbers of Egyptians who do not participate in clubs, and who do not find what is offered. Integrated sports and social, in terms of quality and appropriate subscription fees, to enter it.

The club plans to become the most widespread in the Republic while maintaining a close social level among its members to form with the existing youth centers, which include the majority of Egyptians with low incomes, sports, and social entities, that accommodate all Egyptians and be a key factor in protecting young people and their families from extremism and destructive ideas, as well as maintain their health.

The strategy of the “club” is to provide sports and social services for youth and their families, with a professional management system in partnership with the private sector, provided that the Ministry of Youth and Sports undertakes its construction and development, while the private sector undertakes its management with advanced thinking, in order for the club’s subscribers to obtain the best possible services.

The “Al-Nadi” series is characterized as forming a new concept for spreading sports culture by organizing sports events in the surrounding areas, to encourage young people and their families to practice sports, to maintain health, as well as discover talents and graduate sports champions who are able to represent Egypt in local and international tournaments.

The buildings of the “club” series of clubs are distinguished by the fact that they are built on the latest architectural styles and on suitable spaces so as to provide sports and social product suitable for each city or region in which the club is located.

The club’s branches are as follows:

Sheraton branch.

Administrative Capital Branch.

Sixth of October Branch.