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EFAKKA Application

eFakka helps you to benefit from all your money changes.

FIRM SOLUTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT FSD FOR PROGRAMMING, is a young yet rapidly growing software solutions company, launching its first and most revolutionary product Efakka in 2019.

Supported with an affluent investment for its first product, the company is determined to realize huge success with their first launch.

Thecredit payment in Egypt, today estimated at 320000 million a month is yet rapidly growing and evolving. Nevertheless still the cash payment segment in Egypt is at present over 90% of all sales transactions. Therefore, with several billion monthly cash payments, a massive amount of moneyexchange coins or smallpaper notes is in demand regularly. Though, is only met with massive frustration on account of continuous deficiency of small money andchange.

Understanding the anguish of Egyptian shoppers wasting daily pounds out of their limited budgets, either in favor of unwanted merchandise or simply disregarded into the vendor’s account, Firm solution developed the most efficient and simple solution to overcome this daily ordeal.

Efakka is a uniquemobile applicationoffering a solution for the undeviating shortage of money coins in Egypt. By means of this smart application software, acting as a digital wallet, it will store and accumulate all shoppers’ change, which was not redeemed from vendors because of money coins shortage and will allow this shopper to save his change and use it with newpayments at the same vendor or any otherregisteredvendor on future transactions.

Shoppers with their limited budget out lay will be more delighted to use an easy digital solution and finally redeem their daily monetary waste.

Vendors stressed out and forced to obtain money change at a higher money value of at least 2-3 % will be excited to integrate Efakka digital solutions in their treasury systems.

Passionately seeking excellence Firm Solutions by means of hard work and dedication is proud to come first with this far reaching radical and yet simple solution to one of the most relentless payment problems facing every single citizen in Egypt.

Today with billions of wasted pounds, growing agitation and shopper frustration, we are confident this application will change the shape of vendor- shopper relationship forever.

We at Firm solutions pride ourselves for spotting the most astute financial breach in the society and brilliantly present the relevant software solution.

An intellectual, dedicated and friendly team of avid computer scientists and a supporting administration team can solve together the daily waste of coin shortage