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Alfayoum Trading

AlFayoum Trading Company is one of the leading companies in the field of trade in the Egyptian market.

Alfayoum Trading

For more than 60 years, Fayoum Trading Company has been distinguished in the field of trade in general, and stationery trade in particular, by providing products with European specifications and high quality, and since 1960 the company has been keen to provide all kinds of office tools of European quality to reach the consumer starting from the sector Wholesale to the retail sector in the Egyptian market through our partners all over the world.

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The company meets all the needs of the Egyptian market from stationery, school supplies, and some sports supplies for all sectors, including Egyptian libraries, public and private companies, schools and universities, shops, restaurants, and factories. And that is through a series of branches of the company in the heart of Cairo (Faggala and Abbasia). Where the company’s head office is located.


The company, through previous years of experience in the field of trade, has built a business partnership with major European companies specialized in the manufacture and trade of office tools, and thus the basic principle has become for them to provide efficient and high quality products at competitive prices.