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Mobile Applications The Essential Key to Simplify life

mobile application

mobile application, this term has become very common among the pioneers of modern applications, and hundreds of smart applications may be added to electronic stores in one day, so what is meant by application programming?

mobile application are usually programmed by specialists in the field of application programming, according to specific steps and studies that are conducted. Below we will take a quick overview of how to program mobile application step by step.

What is Mobile Application

mobile application are applications that leverage historical and real-time data gained from user interaction to deliver relevant, personalized, and adaptive experiences that use AI-powered algorithms to distinguish between relevant, And irrelevant information by putting these distinguishing touches to good use for the consumer, and allowing businesses to make their changes in real time. Actual on its services to improve its economic situation, Due to the huge capabilities of smartphones, these capabilities can be exploited by multiple applications that benefit the user. Some of these capabilities are:

  • The possibility of making a telephone call: With the push of a button from within the application, you can call certain numbers without them being stored on your device.
  • The location feature is one of the advanced features in modern phones, which enables us to discover places around us through the map feature.
  • Free Text Messages [English]: This feature enables business owners to send messages to everyone who has downloaded the application for free and for any number of messages.
  • Geographically defined messages [English]: It is possible to link the geographical range of the messages sent by the application, so the application can send messages to everyone who is not more than 20 kilometers away, for example.

design your mobile application

Building Mobile Apps

The process of building and programming a mobile application may be a somewhat complicated process, and you may need many follow-up steps to be able to implement it, so here are some steps that help you build your own application:

1-Developing the strategy and basic concepts:

The first step in developing a mobile application is to define its strategy, by which we mean the factors influencing the selection of the characteristics and features of the application.

2-Analysis and planning:

In this step, the idea of the mobile application begins to crystallize and become more clear, as it delves deeper into the details on which the application will be based, Such as the name of the application, its characteristics, the time required to program it, and the skills of the team required to program the application, The analysis begins with studying user patterns first, and carefully defining their requirements, by conducting detailed research on the target audience and the competitive market.

3-Mobile app UI/UX design:

This stage is distinguished in that it defines the form that your mobile application will come out to customers, that is, It employs the characteristics specified during the analysis in the application screens, by defining the appearance and complementary scenario for each service. It is divided into two main parts:

A-User Experience Design

User experience design is concerned with the usability of the mobile application, in which the designer first defines the user’s journey, the mechanism of interaction and arrangement of elements.

B-User interface design

The design of the user interface is a very important and essential part of the design of any mobile application, as this aspect is concerned with arranging the interactive and visual elements for the application user in an attractive way that meets his needs.

Types of mobile apps

mobile application are divided into iPhone and Android, and accordingly, the type you create when coding mobile apps varies depending on the platform you’re targeting. They are three main types:

1-Native Apps

This type of mobile application means that it is present on your phone from the beginning, regardless of the type of operation that your device supports, whether Android or iOS, In this type of mobile application, each version of the application is programmed in a different programming language, for example, Java or Kotlin are used to program the version for the Android operating system, And the Swift language to program the version of the iOS operating system. The user does not notice the difference between them, since the two versions share design, procedures and databases.

2-Hybrid Apps

This type of mobile application means that they are the basic applications that are found on your user system, whether your operating system is Android or iOS, For example, the shape of the top bar of the user interfaces for iPhone is different from what it looks like on Android devices.

3-Web Apps

These are the applications that are created using the same website programming techniques, that is, the website is configured to be used on mobile phones in proportion to different screen sizes, And it is available for iPhone and Android together, as it works through Internet browsers such as Chrome and Safari, It is worth noting that this type of mobile application is programmed and used a lot in tech village.

What is mobile application UI?

When talking about user interfaces for mobile application, it must be mentioned that UI is basically defined as a series of screens, pages, and visual elements such as buttons and icons, which enable a person to interact with the product or service, Simply put, it’s anything a user might interact with when using a digital product or service, and that includes everything from screens, touchscreens, keyboards, sounds, and even lights.

design your mobile application


In conclusion, mobile application are indispensable at the present time, so whatever type of your current device you need more auxiliary applications, so we presented to you in our article ways to program smart phone applications.


where to get mobile application?

You can get the mobile application through your phone store, as electronic stores include thousands of modern applications.

benefits of mobile apps for the business?

You can benefit from mobile application in the field of developing your business, as large companies program their own smart applications in order to achieve maximum benefit

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