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ios mobile app design guidelines 2023 – tech village

ios mobile app design guidelines

ios mobile app design guidelines It is an abbreviation for the phrase (iPhone Operating System), which means the operating system of smartphone devices affiliated with Apple, as this system manages the phone’s device and its memory in addition to the various operations that take place inside it.

The IOS system provides a great deal of compatibility with other devices such as; (iPads) and (AirPods) in addition to (MacBooks), and the system is updated from time to time to meet the needs and desires of users, such as privacy and security settings for devices and other important updates.

The (ios mobile app design guidelines) system is the second most popular operating system for mobile devices. In 2021 AD, Apple acquired 26.3% of the mobile phone market, while the Android system (Android) had acquired 73.3% of the market share.

What is iOS design pattern?

The ios mobile app design guidelines system is Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, and it is a program that provides many features for the device that make it work efficiently, and it is also the operating system used for both the iPad and the iPod Touch, And it is the program responsible for All operations of the device, including clicking, dragging, instant messaging, and the “Siri” application, It is also the first thing that is seen when the device is turned on.

Whether it is in the form of the lock screen, or the desktop of the tablet, and the iPhone operating system controls the The process of moving to the “settings” menu, Where it is possible from this menu to adjust the device’s settings and operate various features; Such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or turning it off, or adjusting the screen brightness, and it also allows the operation of any applications downloaded from the App Store.

design your mobile application

What are the margins for iOS design guidelines?

The application design process is carried out according to some of the company’s instructions so that the application is at a high level of technology, and this is what distinguishes tech village. And among the ios mobile app design guidelines:

1-Customer requirements:

When a customer talks to us, we listen carefully until we get all the information about his company and the application, he wants for it.

2-Analyzing the customer’s thought:

After that, the programmer studies the direction of the customer’s idea and analyzes his idea towards its ios mobile app design guidelines.

3-Design selection:

Then a programmer presents his idea to the customer and also leaves the customer to choose his own design.

4-Application cost:

The programmer determines the cost of the application and the customer defines the cost price.

5-Implementation of the application:

When he agrees to the cost of the application, the programmer creates the codes for the ios mobile app design guidelines.

Overview Of ios mobile app design guidelines

If you want to know the steps of the ios mobile app design guidelines, there are some steps that we adopt during the design within tech village, here are some of these steps:

1-Determine the goal of designing your own iPhone app:

The first step in ios mobile app design guidelines on the Apple Store is to define the goal, This stage is essential and one of the most important, as it will define what you do during all the other parts of your iPhone app design process.

2-Find competitors:

The next step is to research and study your competitors for inspiration. The search can point to issues to watch out for, as well as any features that might be useful. You may already be aware of the competing companies that have iPhone apps.

3-Determine the potential audience – how to design an application for iPhone:

The last step to take before starting the ios mobile app design guidelines is to research the people who will use it, This will show you whether or not the features you plan to add are the ones your customers are looking for, as well as if you’re missing anything. You can also encourage people to complete the survey by offering a discount or gift.

4-Planning your application:

At this point in the process of creating ios mobile app design guidelines, you should have all the information and data you need to go ahead and plan your app well, Using data gathered from competitor study and surveys, jot down all the features you want. Include details about how these features work and information about how they are offered within your iPhone app.

5-Build your application:

It’s time to create your ios mobile app design guidelines. As mentioned earlier, there are several ways in which you can do this, which is to use an application builder, contract with a developer, or program the application from scratch.

What size frame should used for ios mobile  design?

Determining the right screen size for your ios mobile app design guidelines is important to ensure that your iPhone app reaches the maximum number of people and doesn’t get lost in the crowded iOS App Store, In general, you should always use the most popular iPhone screen size to ensure that your iOS app can reach the maximum number of people. However, if you are building an app for a specific purpose that includes a lot of visual details, you should also test this iPhone app on smaller screen sizes.

Keep the following things in mind when choosing the perfect artboard for ios mobile app design guidelines:

  • Check your current app or website stats to see what screen sizes your audience uses most often.
  • Use the smallest and most popular iPhone screen size when you want to build an app for a wide audience: 375 x 667 pixels or 375 x 812 pixels.
  • You should also remember that a design that works well on a compact screen (375 points) is likely to work well on a larger screen (414 points), but reversing these conditions will not work properly.
  • Therefore, it is usually best to design for smaller screens first, and then check and adjust for larger screens. The height of the artboard does not affect the design of the iPhone app much because the width is a more important aspect to consider while choosing the right size.

design your mobile application


In conclusion, the iOS operating system is one of the systems that appeared in the past years, but it has gained great popularity among users regarding the capabilities it offers to its users all the time, So we shed light in our article on ios mobile app design guidelines, and it is worth noting that these steps help you in one way or another while designing an application for the iPhone system.


what is the ios mobile Page Layout?

People can enjoy their favorite iOS apps , as secure screen areas enable you to avoid interference with interactive system components such as the Dynamic Island on the iPhone, the Home indicator, and the App switcher on the iPhone and iPad.

iOS App UI/UX Design Guidelines need to follow?

One of the most important points to focus on while designing the user experience and user interface is the production of elements that are compatible with the user and his requirements.

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