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Industrial Zone in New Alamein, Fourth-Generation City

industrial zone in New Alamein

A protocol was signed between the Ministry of Housing and a Chinese company to establish the industrial zone in New Alamein.

This project marks the beginning of the establishment of the New Alamein City, being the new commercial capital of Egypt.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Housing and the Chinese company came to plan a new, developed, and fully sustainable industrial zone, like the city of Alexandria.

The Chinese company responsible for this project is “CGCOC”, one of the world’s largest, a company specializing in investment, infrastructure construction, trade, and logistics.

New Alamein City is a smart city that relies on modern technology in managing facilities and infrastructure such as roads, water networks, and electricity and providing all modern technology services.

New Alamein City

The new city of El Alamein is located within the Marsa Matrouh governorate, this city was established on the northern coast of Egypt with an area of 48,917 acres.

The estimated population of this city is about two million, to be the first city on the northern coast to accommodate this number of residents.

This city is classified as one of the fourth-generation cities, its foundation stone was laid on March 1, 2018.

New Alamein City Location

The new city of El Alamein is located on the northern coast of Egypt on the Alex-Matrouh International Road, starting from km 93 to the intersection of Wadi El-Natrun.

so that the entrance to the city is 33 km long. The city is located within the Marsa Matrouh governorate.

City division

The city is divided into four segments: investment, tourism, historical, and residential.

The first investment segment is located on the sea coast, and the second investment segment is located south of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, while the historical area is the cemeteries of El Alamein.

The residential segment in the city contains about 10,000 housing units.

There is a coastal sector consisting of the:

  • Residential district.
  • The hotels’ district.
  • The conference centers.
  • The Al Alamein Gardens district.
  • The Fanara marina.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Cultural center.
  • Private product.
  • Exhibition grounds.

The heritage area of New Alamein

An area of 230 acres has been allocated for the implementation of the heritage area. This area includes a museum, library, city hall, mosque, church, museum garden, opera, and recreational areas.

Residential area in El Alamein

It is planned that the new city of El Alamein will be livable throughout the year, as the city of Alexandria, and this city will be suitable for all segments of society, with the provision of many job opportunities.

The city also has many facilities including universities, schools, hospitals, and all the necessary facilities for living.

Industrial Zone in New Alamein

It was agreed to establish an industrial zone in New Alamein as the commercial and administrative capital of the northern coast of Egypt.

The joint cooperation for the planning and development of the industrial area came to be a green area suitable for living throughout the year and not only in the summer.

This area will depend on the use of renewable energy and the use of desalination facilities.

It was also agreed to transform the huge lands of the desert into green areas suitable for agriculture.

Engineer Wael Samir, President of New Alamein City, explained that the area allocated for industrial use amounts to 825.8 acres, located in the southeast of the city.

The infrastructure of this zone is being completed, which will include many industrial activities, including:

  • Petrochemical industry.
  • Textile industries.
  • Electronic industries.
  • concrete industries.
  • many other industries.

A space has also been allocated for a number of industrial developer companies, such as the Industrial Development Group Company.

space has also been allocated for the Acon Crete Company for the manufacture of concrete materials.

and an area of 1594.297 acres has been allocated for the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company.

At this time, the industrial zone is being marketed by the developing companies in preparation for operating the zone at its full capacity and activating the industrial workers in the city.

The company responsible for the industrial zone in New Alamein

The responsible company is a Chinese company called “CGCOC“, which is one of the 50 largest companies awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and is also ranked among the top 100 international contracting companies, This Chinese state-owned company in the field of consulting and investment, infrastructure construction and trade, has many businesses in more than 35 different countries, the majority of which are in Africa, Since its establishment, this company has been engaged in drilling wells, water supply, and sanitation, construction of roads, bridges, and bridges, building construction, renewable energy projects, real estate development, and manufacturing.

Why is New Alamein classified as a fourth-generation city?

Egypt enters the fourth-generation city belt by establishing such a city in which energy sustainability and waste recycling standards are taken into account, and the smart city pattern will be applied in which all services are provided electronically, and the global information network will be covered.

The main objective of building this city is to help distribute the large population density in the delta, and to put Egypt on the map of global investments.

Another goal of building this city is to make it a center for entrepreneurship at the local and international levels. This city provides a developed urban environment that provides balanced opportunities for all groups.

It also provides sustainable economic growth, high-level infrastructure, public transportation systems, advanced educational services, and a healthy, livable environment throughout the year, not just in the summer.

This region was chosen for more than one reason, including the privileged location on the Mediterranean coast, a location that makes it globally competitive.

It also works to increase the residential area and reduce housing pressure in the delta and valley, and be linked to the major projects that the state is constructing.

The importance of investing in New Alamein

It is planned that this city will be Egypt’s commercial front locally and globally.

The new city of El Alamein is considered a golden opportunity to invest in it, especially that the Egyptian government has taken a positive step to encourage businessmen to invest their money in this city.

The Egyptian government has allocated many lands and real estate for young people wishing to invest, and the government provides many facilities for businessmen to construct mega projects.

This city is classified as a fourth-generation city, with all the factors of success, the city was built on the pattern of smart cities in which all services are provided electronically.

Many commercial properties and shops were also provided, whether for sale or rent, at varying prices to suit all segments of society.

Many companies can expand their activities in such a promising city that meets all the criteria for success, hence the role of marketing to promote your project, whether it is large or small.

How to market your company in New Alamein

Marketing plays an important role in the success of any company, especially in a city like New Alamein City, a city where all its services are provided electronically.

Certainly, there will be fierce competition between companies that want to start working in this city or expand their projects there, so the success of any company depends on the good marketing of this project.

As you know that the city was built with the standards of smart cities and the transformation of all business and services electronically, so e-marketing is the most suitable for use.

The importance of Digital marketing for your business

  • E-marketing is the marketing of products and services through the Internet, in order to facilitate communication with customers easily and in the least time.
  • E-marketing is the most popular marketing method that keeps pace with the times and technological development that we live in these days, so it is the most appropriate way to market your company in New Alamein.
  • This type of marketing is more powerful and effective than any other method.
  • Your services or products can be promoted more professionally.
  • Digital marketing enables you to increase your brand awareness.
  • You can work throughout the day and not only at specific hours.
  • Loyalty and customer loyalty to your brand.
  • Constant communication between your customers and knowing their opinions.
  • It is considered the least expensive means of marketing.

How to market your company online

You can market your company electronically with many technological solutions that your company should have to overcome the fierce competition that companies in the industrial zone will witness, among these solutions:

1. Website design

If you want to compete vigorously and want to increase customer confidence in your company, it is natural to have a website for your company, so that your company keeps pace with the technological development we live in.

It is not normal to be in such a city that was built in the style of smart cities and that provides all its services electronically, and your company does not have a website, or any e-marketing solution.

Therefore, in order to be able to compete strongly, it is necessary to have a website for your company to be its face and image in front of customers.

2. Presence on social media

Social media has become necessary for any business, whether large or small, due to the strong impact and effectiveness of these platforms in the marketing process.

It is necessary to enhance your presence on social media platforms to be able to reach your potential customers at the lowest cost, in the fastest time, and in a more professional manner.

These platforms also enhance your commercial identity and increase awareness of it, thus increasing your fan base, and increasing your sales and profits.

3. E-commerce website design

E-commerce websites enable you to present your products and services in a more professional manner to the customer and sell online with ease.

It is normal in a city that offers all its services electronically to have an e-commerce site to sell products online easily while providing electronic payment methods to facilitate customers.

Creating engaging content

Content Marketing has a very big role in the marketing process, as it plays the largest role in influencing the customer in making the purchase decision.

Therefore, it is necessary to create distinctive and innovative content on all marketing and social platforms, to increase awareness of your brand, and increase your sales and profits.

The target group must be carefully considered and studied, in order to choose the best type of content suitable for them, with the choice of the dialect that will be spoken.

There are many types of marketing content such as articles, photos, videos, infographics, social media publications, and many other types that must be acquired to suit your customer.

Search Engine Optimization

In the presence of fierce competition between companies, each company seeks to improve its website or online stores to appear in the first search results.

This comes due to the importance of this type of marketing, which makes your website or online store appear in the first results and thus increase your sales and profits in freeways.

The presence of your website in the first results increases the confidence of your customers, increases your brand awareness, and you will be able to compete strongly.


The industrial zone in New Alamein is a very good, even golden opportunity to invest in it, as it is the first Egyptian city to be classified as a fourth-generation city.

It is planned that the new city of El Alamein will be the new commercial capital of Egypt and encourage the Egyptian government to invest in it while providing all the necessary facilities.

If you want to expand your project or want to start a new project, the industrial zone is the most suitable option for you in the coming period, as it is a city built on the style of smart cities that provide all its services electronically.

Hence the indispensable role of e-marketing for any business, large or small.

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