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How to Start a Successful Online Store in Egypt 2023

How to Start a Successful Online Store

The successful practice of e-commerce activity will only take place through a distinguished online store. When all conditions are submitted, it will be guaranteed to be among strong competitors; the store will achieve a prestigious position, a continuous relationship with users, and achieve a widespread that leads to increasing in sales and profits.

Creating a professional online store that has all the possibilities of success and spread through a company that owns a team of creative designers who are able to compete through a distinguished site can achieve success beyond your imagination, and make you a billionaire in a short period.

Advantages of designing a successful online store

  • The design of the online store should be advanced, innovative, and compatible with the type of products.
  • It should include an appropriate number of sections and products.
  • The developing company provides integrated technical support around the clock to solve any problem.
  • The website of the online store should be flexible, and allow adding online payment methods.
  • To be associated with targeted marketing plans.
  • The website provides a shopping cart, with a quick control panel, and one-click payment buttons.
  • It is necessary that the design of the online store is compatible with all devices, phone screens, and sizes.
  • To provide a smart search window that provides the customer with easy and quick access to the product.
  • To carry a domain name on any extension (com, net, org).
  • Providing protection and security factors, with secure hosting, and fast servers.
  • The website of the online store should be linked with shipping and delivery companies to an international and local place.
  • Prepare daily sales reports.
  • Services to be designed on the WordPress platform (the most famous and powerful platform in the market), with special programming.
  • The e-commerce developer adds WooCommerce to the WordPress website so that you can add your services, set prices, and electronic payment methods, and define the overall appearance of your business.

Choosing a successful web design company in Egypt.

The steps for designing a successful online store

  • The first step in designing a successful online store is choosing the company that designs the store’s website. You have to get acquainted with a large number of companies and choose a company with great experience in the field of designing electronic stores and has a good previous work in the field.
  • You must now choose the appropriate name for your store, and this is a very important stage, as it will determine the identity of the store, and be professionally expressive of the type of activity.
  • The name must be unique, easy, stick in the minds of customers, and positively help spread and gain fame among the rest of the competing websites.
  • Determine the product that you will display in the store so that the designers can select the appropriate sections for it.
  • Choosing a server that is suitable for the size of the products and the number of expected visitors, bears the pressure of intense visits, and is not exposed to repeated failures.
  • Your contract with the developer should include the preparation and management of the text messages of the store, which helps you to ensure the identity of the service seekers, and that they are the owners of real accounts activated with their phone numbers.

How to Start a Successful Online Store

The online store must have the following elements:

  • It should contain a set of pages that make up the store and its various sections.
  • The home page, which is the storefront, should be simple, attractive, and eye-catching. The store logo is clearly visible. It displays the most important daily offers, the most requested products, and the contact numbers of the online store.
  • Products page, which includes all products displayed in the store, with illustrations, prices, and customer evaluation.
  • A page for each product, with multiple images for the product, its specifications, country of origin, price, usage instructions, and customer reviews.
  • The purchase order page includes the steps of making the purchase order, commodity data, and customer data such as the address indicating the city, neighbourhoods, street, building number, and phone number to communicate with the customer. And the dates that suit him to receive the product, and how to track the order from the beginning of the purchase order until receiving it. The method of payment is also determined, whether by online payment via credit cards, or cash on delivery.
  • The online store’s policies page, and the defined return policy.
  • The “Contact Us” page shows the store’s contact details, address, e-mail, and phone numbers.
  • Customer service page with phone numbers and e-mails, with the ability to conduct an instant personal conversation.

Technical Specifications for Designing a Successful Online Store

  • The website of the online store should be fast, attractive, and easy to use.
  • Providing protection and security for the store (adding SSL for the domain is free), with the capabilities of managing the entire store’s content.
  • Configure the online store to be compatible with the various search engines.
  • Adding a blog page that includes articles explaining the products and the advantages of dealing with the store.
  • The website should be flexible so add offers and discounts.
  • The means of application should be easy to process, with multiple means of payment.
  • The website should be equipped with specialized tools for preparing analyzes and reports.
  • Providing a promotional tool integrated with social media and e-mail is one of the most important characteristics of a successful online store website.
  • The possibility of continuous updating of the store according to modern technologies.
  • Providing a single control panel, with the point-of-sale feature available.
  • The design complies with the rules of the CMS content management system.

How do you start hosting a successful online store?

  • Choosing the right company to implement your online store; should be professional, listen to your opinion, responds to your views, and give you pieces of professional advice.
  • Select the right hosting plan for your store’s needs.
  • Register or add an existing domain.
  • Choose the right online store design for your business.
  • It is necessary to install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress business with SSL to protect and encrypt the information.
  •  Use WooCommerce to add sales, pricing, and payment information and start selling right away.
  • Test the new online store model before the actual launch, and make the necessary modifications.
  • Test a model for managing your online store and how to control it.
  • The actual launch of the store should not take place until the completion of all operating experiments and making sure that all the elements are completed so that the store begins to work when it is ready.

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