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e-Learning Mobile application development in Egypt 2023

e-Learning Mobile application development

e-Learning mobile application development has become an important issue, and the need for it has increased with the great technological spread, and it has become the most convenient alternative to traditional education, lecture halls, and old teaching methods.

The need to study remotely has increased due to the Corona pandemic, and it has become a way for millions to receive knowledge.

The use of educational applications in various subjects has become a common method in most countries of the world, especially after the suspension of studies in schools, and the preference of remote study in the implementation of precautionary measures and the policy of distance.

The e-Learning Mobile application development also allows students and scholars to communicate effectively with professors and teachers at educational centers anywhere in the world, and at times when it becomes difficult or impossible to be present in educational institutes and training centers.

This happens during crises and bad environmental and climatic conditions, and also in normal circumstances for those who do not have the ability to travel and bear the expenses of education in universities and institutes.

Steps to achieve e-Learning Mobile application development

You can achieve e-Learning Mobile app development in the following simple steps:

1. Choose the appropriate design template

There are many ready-made application templates that can be downloaded online, and you have to choose the appropriate template for the device that will be used if it is running Android or IOS.

2. Select the main features of the application

It is essential that the interface is easy to use and acceptable to both beginners and professionals alike.

Give the application the necessary privacy according to the educational material being viewed.

3. Add the features that trainees and learners need

By this, we mean adding graphs, pictograms, maps, a dictionary, and links to e-books that they may need for reference.

Add means of receiving trainees’ inquiries, and means of direct communication with teachers, through video calls or recorded clips.

Now you can launch the educational application on various electronic stores, Google Play, and the App Store.

Take care of the quality of your work and let the design be the best Mobile app design company.

Advantages of achieving e-Learning Mobile application development

  • Providing the basic and important information that the student needs within the application, allowing him to refer to it at any time, anywhere.
  • Multiple means of knowledge, such as adding audio-recorded explanations, as well as video clips. You can also add links to educational sites dealing with the same topic.
  • Providing the features of direct conversation, communication, and dialogue, and flexibility in providing information allows a lot of interaction, which makes education more enjoyable.
  • Learners get acquainted with more technical expertise and get used to the use of modern technology, and the means of searching on the Internet.
  • Getting rid of the traditional routine of education causes boredom to learners and a lack of desire to learn. This can be done through modern means of acquiring the knowledge, ways that are interesting, attracting attention, and making the educational process a pleasure that students seek.
  • Multiple learning strategies, through different means, such as educational games, the use of direct dialogue between the student and the teacher, and the exchange of knowledge with colleagues.
  • e-Learning Mobile application development is one of the important means for developers to make a quick and sure profit, with the need for more applications at that stage, especially if the application is well developed, with the addition of many features that achieve popularity for the application and increase the number of users.

Compete with companies work in e-Learning Mobile application development

  • With the increasing demand of educational applications, many educational software development companies have appeared, which are racing to produce the latest and best educational applications, providing them with more educational aids, such as videos, audio clips, maps, and images.
  • These companies are keen to provide the educational programs that learners need in all Arab countries, as well as all the specialized curricula that the different educational curricula need.
  • Developers’ companies are interested and compete to offer the right prices, so the low price is a strong competitor, and one of the means of acquiring a larger number of users.

How to earn money by e-Learning Mobile application development

All studies have proven that the need for educational applications is constantly increasing, and that the educational applications market is expanding for more developer companies, and the production of thousands and perhaps millions of applications, in order to meet the needs of the educational process all over the world in all branches of science and knowledge. In order for the application to achieve spread and increase the number of users, and thus achieve abundant profits, the following elements must be available:

  • Good advertising for the application, its fields, and its benefits through the means of advertising on social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Ads, and all other means of communication, so that the application reaches the largest number of students of knowledge, and the number of users of the application increases, and thus the demand of advertisers increases, which makes more profits.

Specifications of successful e-Learning Mobile application development

  • The presence of a control panel for the site through which the necessary modifications can be made when needed.
  • The possibility of adding supervisors to the site, who take over the administration professionally.
  • Each student is logged into the platform.
  • On the website special profile is created for each student, showing his data, the lectures that he attended, and a report on the results of his tests.
  • The scientific material on the platform is divided into recorded videos that the teacher can upload on the site, pdf files, live explanations through the Zoom program, and also pdf files of the assignment.
  • It is necessary to add several electronic payment methods on the site in more than one way: Visa – Fawry – PayPal, with a copy of the deposit attached.
  • After booking the lecture and paying, the site administration receives the payment receipt through the control panel, and the admin after reviewing it, gives approval that the student is allowed to attend the lecture.
  • An optional test can be taken after completing the lecture at a specific time, and electronic correction, so that the student knows his level.
  • The application includes a chat room between the student and the admin to facilitate the discussion of the educational process.
  • You can add a schedule to book Zoom lecture dates on the website.
  • It is appropriate to add a special page introducing the teacher and his previous experiences.
  • Providing in-app purchases. The owner of the application can get a percentage of the sale of educational materials if the purchase is made through the application and achieve more profits.

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