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Cars website design in Egypt 2023 – tech village

Cars website design

A lot of people are interesting to know everything about cars, they love cars and love to know more about it as cars became one of the most important things today, that is meaning that there is a huge audience for cars and are searching about cars, so if you want to benefit from this audience, you should hurry and if you do not know about cars website design, I will help you with it.

Why cars field is a great choice?

As the analysis of Moz website, Car word has 300k-1.5m monthly volume in the United States only, that is meaning that if you have a car showroom or you have a car service and need customers, you can make a website about cars and put your services in it and I will tell you how to do cars website design step by step.

Examples of successful cars websites and how much traffic they get every month?

For example, two of the successful websites in this field are motor biscuits and car and driver.

Motorbiscuit has a total of Visits 77.03 million in one month only and 91.99% Of this website traffic is from Search, also Caranddriver also is a big website, it has a total of Visits 27.19 million in one month, 72.22% of this website traffic is from Search.

What are the requirements for cars website design?

If you decided to make a car website, you will need some things to start the website.

  • The domain is the name of your website which people can find you online, if you have a problem in choosing the name as some people have trouble choosing the domain name, you can use a website that generates a lot of domain names just type in google generate domain name.
  • You will need hosting, if you want to make a WordPress website, you need to have to host your website, there are many websites that provide hosting, you can choose the hosting you need from them, and there are many types of them, these websites provide you offers like hosting with a free domain, this means that if you buy a hosting from this website for 1 year or 2 according to the offer the website gives you a free domain.
  • You should have a theme for your website.
  • If you do not want to buy hosting there is no problem, you can make a blog on a blogger (Service from google) It does not need hosting as google provides you the hosting for free but you will need to buy a domain and have a theme only nothing else.
  • Finally, you can start sharing your content and you should adjust the SEO (Search engine optimization) to get traffic from google.

Should you have special programming for your website?

Of course, having special programming for your website will give you many advantages can help you get a lot of followers to your website, let me tell you some of these advantages

  • You will have a distinctive look for your website and will be different from other sites.
  • If you have a vision for your car’s website design in your mind and want to do it you can make it easier.

Now, of course, you are asking about how you can have this special programming. You can contact us to do this for you, it will be perfect if you choose the right company.

How to promote your website to get traffic?

One of the most problems which face anyone who has a new website is promoting his website and getting traffic.

  • You will need to learn SEO to get traffic from Search Engines or you can hire us as an SEO specialist to do it.
  • You also can use social media platforms to get traffic to your website. You can do it by making ads or free by sharing content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest …etc.
  • You can also use Reddit. It is a big social media platform and can help you a lot as it has a group about cars which has 2.5 million members. But you should read the rules of this group before you start sharing in it.

What sections will the site include?

  • You can make the sections which you will need. It is up to you but I will tell you how you can do this.
  • You can make a news section on your website. This will help you to get traffic because many people are interested in car news.
  • You can make a section about every single car, you can write articles about cars like a review of cars, you can talk about pros and cons to this car and the price of it.
  • You can also make a section and call it best. You can talk about the best car oil, car tires…etc.

Elements to design a successful car website

Now we will talk about the elements which can help you make your website successful:

  1. Continuing to publish articles.
  2. You should be careful to share the content of your website in the website’s social media accounts.
  3. You should be careful to write quality articles to encourage the visitor to read more on your site and he can come again to your website also probably he shares the article.
  4. Relying on more than one source while preparing the article is an important thing to get a lot of information and to be sure from the information, this will impress the visitors.
  5. You can also make a section for cars prices. I think that will be useful for your website and will be special as if the visitor read an article about a specific car and wants to know its price, He can do it on your website by this section.
  6. You can make a section for users’ opinions that will be different and will help you to develop your website.
  7. The last advice I want to give you is not to stop learning, try to learn from your failures every day and develop yourself continuously.

If you do not have enough experience, you can use a web design company in Egypt, such as Tech Village.

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