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How to create branding in Egypt from A to Z with steps

branding in Egypt

Building branding in Egypt is a very necessary and important matter, as it is one of the most important basics of any business activity, as it is the main interface that expresses this activity.

It can be defined as the process of building a distinctive and unique name or testing distinctive and innovative designs, or a logo that expresses the company in an unusual and out-of-the-box way so that the company has a special and distinctive character for the customer.

There are many who do not know the difference between brand and branding, so I made sure to write this article to explain the difference between them, how to build branding in Egypt and how important it is in marketing.

What is a brand?

The brand is defined as the image, name, mark, sign, or term that constitutes and expresses the identity of a product, company, or service to its owner, in order to differentiate it from other product owners and make it distinct among them.

A successful brand is the one that expresses a specific product or service and shows the advantages of this product by simply mentioning the name of the brand or seeing one of its elements, and also it must reflect in the mind of the customer the following:

  • Your competitive advantage.
  • Advantages to the customer.
  • Brand personality.
  • Rate this brand.
  • The speed of realizing this brand.

In short, it can be said that branding is the reputation of the product or company, and it is one of the most important and indispensable elements of marketing for any product or service.

What is branding?

This term means all the methods used in marketing, to differentiate you from your competitors, and to build a distinctive and unique impression on your customers.
In short, branding is the strategy used to build a special, distinctive, and clear identity for your brand.

The importance of branding in Egypt

I mentioned that it is one of the most important and indispensable elements for any company, service, or product, and it is the main interface of your activity in front of your customers, so when you build branding for your company, you will have the following:

Brand Identity

It is all the visual elements of your brand, such as colors, graphics, designs, and logos.

Brand Loyalty

This is important for customers to relate to your brand and increase their trust in you, and always remember that customers themselves are the best way to market, when a customer trusts you and gets satisfied, you will get more customers.

Brand Equity

It is the strength of the reputation that your brand will gain in the market that will enable you to compete strongly.

Branding items

Branding consists of a set of elements that your brand must have:

  • Name: The name is the most important element; it is the first impression your customer makes.
  • Logo: It is your company’s logo or identifying symbol that indicates it.
  • Slug: It is the logo associated with your brand, often no more than five words, and it is always repeated to reach your customers.
  • Colors: It is one of the important elements, as each color has a special meaning and impression.
  • Designs: Another important element of the brand, which must be recognized by the design glimpse.

How to build a successful branding in Egypt

In order to build a correct branding, the following steps must be followed:

  • Select the target

The first step is to determine the goal that you seek, in order to consolidate the product idea and build a correct branding, and define both the vision and the mission. Each company has its own goals, based on which the branding will be built.

  • Market study

In order to have a successful branding, you must study the market well, that is, understand the market and the requirements of consumers, so that you are able to realize how and when to address the market, who is the customer and the taste that suits him, then the right strategy can be built.

  • Competitors study

It is very important to study competitors in order to identify the current situation and the right place in the competition, meaning where you are among these competitors.

This is an important step to stand out from your competitors and start thinking outside the box and exploring innovative new ideas to build a strong business that clearly impacts consumers.

  • Choose a branding name

It is necessary to choose a name for the company or product that is associated with it and expresses it, and is easy for the customer to pronounce so that it remains firmly in the mind of the customer.

  • Attractive Logo Design

One of the most important steps that must be taken into account, because it is linked to your brand, it is the most important stage of creating a marketing identity, and it is firmly rooted in the mind of the customer when he sees one of the products related to your activity.

  • Choose a featured photo

It is necessary to choose a distinctive image of the product that expresses it directly and is established in the mind of the customer, through this image, your customer directly recognizes you because of the establishment of this image in his mind.

  • Merge the brand with the branding

After completing the test of the image, logo, and name, they are integrated into the product and work, which are the most important stages of the marketing and advertising work for the product.


Branding in Egypt is one of the indispensable elements until the marketing process is completed, and you should know that your branding is closely related to your customers, and makes them belong to your brand, so be sure to create a distinctive commercial identity that distinguishes you from your competitors.

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