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Blue Nile and Tech Village is a new success story 2023

Blue Nile

Blue Nile website is one of our recent success stories that we were happy to work on, as it is a different client that works to make people happy by providing them with entertainment services.

The basic rule that no one can change o

r comment on is that success always brings the other, so we are always keen to achieve it so that more successes come to us.

When we achieve a new success story, we are aware of where we are, and because we know the value of this success, we always keep achieving it, and we can never give it up.

Therefore, Tech Village is always a source of inspiration to its customers through what we do in terms of successes, which makes us compelled to exert all our energy in order to satisfy our customers and achieve their online presence.

Status review

SAE Group International offers management services and solutions to the hospitality industry, all customized to suit the needs of our unique clients.

As a company, its executive team collectively has over 20 years of experience directing and supervising the operation of hotels that range from and include luxury assets, full-service hotels, limited-service properties, extended-stay products, independent hotels, resort convention centers, and restaurants.

This innovative approach is the core philosophy of personal involvement in each partnership and has resulted in the International Development and Investment Group’s assets being consistently ranked among the leading independent hospitality and development managers.

In addition, each International Development and Investment Group executive has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Blue Nile Complex, which operates a franchise and standalone property, along with its financial, executive, sales, and marketing staff, will, in turn, assist you and your property with some of the best and most diverse experiences in the industry.

The company offers a range of services to hospitality professionals who need assistance with real estate operations, sales, and marketing, legal support, development, or new construction, the company has professionals who manage everything from:

  • Hotels are medium-sized for an extended stay.
  • Limited-service property.
  • boutique hotels.
  • Full-service resorts.
  • health resorts.
  • Full-service conference centers.

the mission

Our mission with our client was to have our work online in a more professional manner, and we achieved this presence by creating a website to be their interface and express them in an ideal and professional manner.

From here, we in Tech Village started the planning stage to create a website for our client and enhance its presence on the Internet, and to conduct an extensive study about the goal of creating the website, and what is the initial vision for the website.

After doing all the studies and analyzes, we developed a plan to create the website and we implemented it immediately and worked on it optimally.

Blue Nile website

The implementation process started by developing an integrated plan for creating the website, and we also designed a set of proposed initial concepts that fit with the activity of our client “Blue Nile“.

After adopting the plan that was developed for the website design, we started working on completing the entire website design process, including all the main interfaces of the website and all its internal pages of it.

After completing the website design, our programmer’s team started programming and developing the user interface and the interactive interface for our client’s website.

Invest in your website effectively through the best web design company.

The site has been designed with several features:

  • SuperSpeed.
  • Ease of control.
  • Observe the criteria of search engines.
  • Compatibility with all devices.
  • The home page and all internal pages are simple and easy.

Tech Village is proud to collaborate with Blue Nile

As a result of the efforts and hard work provided by the team of programmers and designers in Tech Village, and the supervision of the company’s management on the work team to complete the website project with the highest quality and efficiency and in the fastest time.

The website was well received and admired by our client, as well as by all users and visitors who entered the website.

The main and most important reason for the success we have achieved is patience and perseverance, and putting our client’s goal before our eyes to work with all our energy to achieve it, so any success achieved by our client is a success for us.

As a web design company, we are proud to collaborate with a client like Blue Nile.

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