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Are just ads campaigns enough for online business?

ads campaigns enough for online business

There is no doubt that having a website for your business adds a lot of advantages to it. Of course, you want to make a profit from your business, and profit always comes from maximizing sales. To achieve this, you should increase the number of your customers as much as possible.

The website does a lot for you

One of the advantages and the most impactful is that the website allows customers to reach you from anywhere and at any time. Customers can browse products, get the information they need, and can easily complete purchases.

Also, having a website for your business adds a lot of credibility and confidence to the public. Especially if the website design is easy and superior in its features. This advantage can be enhanced by local search engine optimization which can attract more customers, especially if you are new to the market.

Also, being aware of the nature of website visitors and how quickly they get bored makes you pay more attention to the speed of the site, and the ease of navigation between its pages. Slow websites make visitors bored with waiting for pages to load, which leads them to leave quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to build your website with an elaborate design in terms of attracting attention, ease of browsing, and adding exceptional features that are unique to other competing sites.

Is having a website enough for business success?

The direct answer is: No

Your business website needs to be popular, especially if your brand is new, you strive to increase customer awareness of it.

1. The importance of website advertising campaigns

  • There are a lot of strategies that help you in marketing your online store, one of the most notable of all is advertising campaigns.
  • Advertising campaigns are an effective way to achieve two important goals: the first is to reach existing customers, and to attract more potential customers.
  • It is necessary to point out that having more than one advertisement achieves greater success than having only one advertisement.
  • However, what increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is the presence of the incentive to follow.
  • Advertising campaigns allow you to promote your brand and explain the services you provide, so advertising campaigns should be a part of your marketing strategy.

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2. SEO and Ad campaigns

Search engine optimization is one of the important strategies to consider as you begin the website design process.

This strategy relates to the content that is presented on the pages of the site. This strategy has some rules that lead your website to appear higher in search engine results. The more your website appears to be ahead of other websites, the more traffic this will help increase your brand awareness and reach among customers.

Benefits of SEO can be identified:

  • Improving the site’s appearance in search engine results, and also helping business owners to get easy-to-use and smooth sites to deal with, improves the user experience because search engine optimization gives the site order and organization, which encourages the average visitor to stay on the site for a longer time.
  • An SEO marketing strategy has the advantage of being able to attract more customers who are looking specifically for your service or product.

Although this strategy is effective, you may be surprised that it is inexpensive. All you need is some time and effort plus a small amount of money to attract “targeted” traffic to your website.

  • People rely a lot on search engines to try to find what they want in the least amount of time and effort. If you can use this fact to your advantage, it will pay off quickly.

People search using keywords or terms, so if you choose the right words related to your product or service, it will lead to your site appearing in the advanced rank in SERPs, which makes customers feel confident in your brand on the one hand, and on the other hand, Increase the spread of your brand more widely.

3. What’s the relation between SEO & SEM?

  • Both SEO and SEM deal with search engines where SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.
  • On each of the search results pages, we can see ads that precede the search results.
  • It is easy to conclude that these ads are paid for by business owners, while other search results depend on keywords and the degree of their formatting on the site to appear. The more a keyword is associated with a search term, the higher the site will appear, and it does not require any money to be paid.
  • SEO deals with organic search results, while SEM deals with paid search results.
  • Hence, it can be said that SEO focuses entirely on organic search results, while SEM focuses on the appearance of the site as an advertisement in search results.
  • In any case, SEM is often associated with advertising campaigns of all kinds, and the business owner should consider both types in the website design.

SEO VS Ad campaigns

It can be a difficult trade-off in website design between advertising campaigns and search engine optimization, each of which has its advantages that your website benefits from in the marketing process. The key here is your business goals.

If your business is focused on potential customers and increasing sales, then the website design should take into account advertising campaigns more, because this strategy allows the business to see the results immediately after the launch of the advertising campaign.

If your goal is to get a steady flow of traffic, or increase your reach and increase customer awareness of your brand, then your website design should focus on your SEO strategy.


Advertising campaigns cannot be enough without the use of a SEO strategy, and it is not possible to completely dispense with advertising campaigns and rely entirely on SEO.

If you want to achieve success for your business through your digital gate, the website design must align with both strategies to achieve the best results, maximizing the potential of your online brand.

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