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What is website design ?

The creation of websites and applications is the core of today’s Internet activities. Hence, focusing on technology career development including understanding the basics of creating websites is at the top of the list of topics to be familiarized with. No matter how simple or complex a website is, it does not go beyond 4 main
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website design outperform your competitors
If you have a business, its success depends on your reach, reputation, and reliability. In the 21st century, having an online presence is one of the obvious steps you need to take when setting up your business or you website design Under the current circumstances, especially the Corona pandemic, the view of physical commerce has
factors to design a successful business website
Business owners understand the importance of their online presence and consider their investment in building a website for their business as essential, given the multiple benefits a website can provide to a business. As a result, the Internet contains millions of websites in all areas of life without exception. The fast pace of life may
How to Start a Successful Online Store
The successful practice of e-commerce activity will only take place through a distinguished online store. When all conditions are submitted, it will be  guaranteed to be among strong competitors; the store will achieve a prestigious position, a continuous relationship with users, and achieve a wide spread that leads to increasing  in sales and profits. Creating
Restaurant Mobile application design 2021
Restaurant Mobile application design is one of the important applications that are in high demand. Everyone has become in need of food ordering applications through mobile, employees in their businesses, students in their institutes, and even housewives, prefer to order food through phone applications from different restaurants. The ignoring of restaurant owners to obtain a
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e-Learning Mobile applications
e-Learning Mobile application development has become an important issue, and the need for it has increased with the great technological spread, and it has become the most convenient alternative to traditional education, lecture halls, and old teaching methods. The need to study remotely has increased due to the Corona pandemic, and it has become a
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eBooks Mobile app design

eBooks Mobile app design

eBooks Mobile app design has become one of the most important skills that many seek to master, after the e-book has become the first method of learning in education curricula in all countries of the world, as well as acquiring skills through free education.  The world now is heading directly to all electronic activities, in
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Beat Your website design Competitors
Website design is one of the most important factors for business success, and the main pillar on which the ability to compete with other websites in cyberspace is based. If we consider the website as the front of your business, and the first point of convergence between your potential customers and your brand, it is
The cost of designing an online store
Online store website design is one of the most important steps that owners of goods and commercial projects must take, to be the best way to promote and advertise products, and to reach the largest segments of the audience. In light of the tremendous technological progress and the spread of the Internet worldwide, the rates
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Newspaper website design 2021

Newspaper Website Design

Website design needs tools, and fortunately, website design tools are plentiful and within reach. Which opened new horizons for designers to more innovation and creativity? Because everything has limits. Design limits always reappear due to the nature of the site being designed. The golden rule in designing a successful website is the consistency and fit
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