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Tech Village and Oxygen is a new Successful Partnership


One of our most important success stories is the partnership with “Oxygen“, the goal was to have our client online professionally and compete strongly.

Success is not the result of chance, success is a quest for those who want to achieve it, and we in Tech Village always strive to achieve it, and because it is the most important thing we strive for, we cannot stop striving and we cannot slacken.

We always strive to be an iconic inspiration for all of our customers, by bringing out great milestones together via our utmost dedication and professional services.

The success achieved by our customers is certainly a success for us. The success achieved by “Oxygen” was a resounding success. This successful partnership deserved permanent technical support until it reached what it is now.

Our success story with our partner started with:

  • E-commerce website.
  • Android and iOS mobile app.
  • Marketing through social media.

Status review

Oxygen is one of the companies offering natural plants for home and office decoration, providing you with the largest selection of naturalness with modern decorative touches.

Oxygen gives you the opportunity to decorate your home with natural products by choosing many designs in different shapes and colors, as they are products that give you a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and living nature in your home.

The Task

Our mission with Oxygen was for them to have a better and more professional online presence, and we did this by designing an e-commerce website to present all their products on it in an attractive way and facilitate the purchase process for customers.

We also designed an Android and IOS mobile application as a competitive advantage for our partner, to become the first mobile application for natural plants in Egypt.

And our success story continued by marketing our partner’s products through social media, to be more available on the Internet and to be the leader in this field in Egypt.

E-commerce website


One of the services that we provided to our partner is the design of an e-commerce site to display and sell its products on the Internet, and the site was designed with these features:

  • Speed.
  • Ease of handling.
  • Provide E-payment.
  • Observe the criteria of search engines.
  • Compatibility with all devices.
  • The home page is simple and easy to navigate.

Mobile Application


Success always brings success. The success of the e-commerce site motivated us to support it by designing a mobile application.

The Oxygen application is the first application of natural plants in Egypt that offers many natural plants of different shapes and colors to suit all tastes of home and office decorations.

The application has been professionally designed and compatible with Android and IOS operating systems, this application has increased the fan base of our partner and increased its sales.

Marketing through social media


Being on social media in Egypt has become an important and necessary thing for any business, especially after the number of users of social media platforms in Egypt has exceeded 49 million users.

It was necessary to be present and compete vigorously to reach the largest possible number of customers in a more professional manner to increase the fan base of our partner.


The most important and main reason for achieving the success we have reached is perseverance, hard work, putting our partner’s goal before our eyes, and then directing all our efforts to achieve these goals. There is no doubt that any success that our partner reaches is also a success for us.

ِWe As a marketing solution company in Egypt, we are proud of this project and the collaboration with a partner like Oxygen.

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